Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How To Discover The Personality Of A woman.

By Sodium

Beautiful women are fascinating, especially if they possess beside the beauty of their physical well being, the beauty of the spirit. Beside knowing the personality of my wife, I have little or no knowledge at all in understanding the personalities of women as equal human beings the way I understand the various personalities of men as a whole. That is, perhaps, why I was immediately attracted to an article which appeared on page 20 of a monthly newspaper called " Profile News. "

Before start digging in the how to discovery the personality of a woman, it is only appropriate to give an idea about " Profile News: "

*  It is a newspaper being published for serving mainly the Arab American community in the United States of America.
*  The first half of the newspaper is published in English and the second half is published in Arabic.

My interest in " Profile News " is concentrated mainly in what it publishes in Arabic, since what it publishes in English I can get from other English resources. Hence, the following is my own translation of what " Profile News " has published on page 20 of April, 2014, on how to discover the personality of a woman from the WAY SHE CRIES, ( the questions raised in this essay are all mine ):

A Woman Cries While Her Head Is Down: What Does That Tell About Her Personality?
~  It means that she is compassionate and emotional.
~  It means that she likes to have someone setting next to her.
~  It means she is afraid of loneliness.
~  It means that she likes her lover to be setting next to her.
~  It means that the reason for her crying stems from losing her lover.

A Woman Cries While Covering Her Face By Her Hands: What Does It Tell About Her Personality?
~  It means that she is very sensitive and shy.
~  It means that she has many pain times but loves life.
~  It means that she gets hurting easily and recover easily as well.
~  It means that she has transparent and good heart.
~  It means that she  pays attention to the way she looks externally.
~  It means that she hates injustice and has ambition for goodness and happiness.

A woman Cries With An Agonizing Sound: What Does That Tell About Her Personality?
~  It means that she is extremely sensitive but exaggerates her feelings.
~  It means that she is ambitious.
~  It means that she does not like to have problems in her daily life.
~  It means that she has propensity for sadness.
~  It means that she likes to be alone.
~  It means that she does not like to be the first one for choosing anything.
~  It means that she escapes, sometimes, from her actual life.
~  It means that she likes to see people listening to her and make them feel her sadness, when she cries.

A woman Cries While She wipes Her Tears: What Does That Say About Her Personality?
~  It means that she is a strong woman and has confidence in herself.
~  It means that she does not like anyone to think she is weak or needs pity.
~  It means that she likes to choose or determine how her life must be.
~  It means that she is ambitious and does not like to be a follower.
~  It means that she does not like weakness.
~  It means that she is courageous with her own words.

A Woman Cries While Keeps Talking: What Does That Tell About Her Personality?
~  It means that she likes to hear an apology when one makes a mistakes.
~  It means that she does not like to be blamed for anything.
~  It means that she has a transparent heart and good nature.
~  It means that she is very sensitive.
~  It means that she likes blaming others.
~  It means that she cries a lot and does so for the slightest reasons.

Final Words:
I do feel a kind of helpless, here, and refrain from making any comment because the subject sounds and seems intriguing and too intricately complex to me. But I have one single question:

What kind of personality a woman has when she does not cry at all, regardless of the pains and agonies she might have encountered ?

A friend of mine has answered the question off the cuff, by saying that such a woman, if exists, is no longer a human being, since her normal human feelings and human senses no longer exist. For one reason or maybe for many reasons, her normal human feelings and senses were completely wiped out.

As I recall how Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of President John Kennedy, behaved publicly during his assassination in 1963 and during his funeral, I wonder if my friend is correct in his comments. I am a witness of  how Mrs. Kennedy behaved in public, with no tears at all, but her human and great agony was so apparent to me on her lovely and dignified face, as I watched her, then, on my black and white television.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Vladimir Putin Must Tame His Russian Nationalistic Feeling Lest He Sounds Like A Fascist.

By Sodium

I have been one of the few persons, in the West, who have declared publicly and in writing on the Internet, that Crimea, in the Ukraine  region, had belonged to Russia until 1954 when Nikita Khrushchev, the boss of the entire Communist Empire then, gave it to Ukraine, while he was drunk, but mainly because of his passionate feeling toward Ukraine and Ukrainian people. That passionate feeling of his has to do with his up-bringing and roots that stemmed from the Ukrainian region.

Therefore, Vladimir Putin, as President of the Russian Federation, has full rights to claim Crimea back. His insistence on secret voting by the people of Crimea, whether they wanted to be part of  Russia or not, was a civilized act deserved  my admiration. The result of such a consensus was a resounding yes, meaning that the vast majority of the citizens of Crimea wanted to be part of Russia again. The Western countries, which objected to that civilized act which was insisted on by Putin, appeared to me as a bunch of hypocrites, practicing double standard, meaning: it was wrong of Putin to do that, but it was right of them when they had done it, in other parts of the globe. A shining proof of such a hypocrisy has been what the Western Powers have done to Iraq in the year of 2003: a total destruction of Iraq, based on lies. You need not take my word on this, but the interested readers can check what the self-respecting and well known and highly respected American and European writers, authors and historians have already written on the immoral and illegal war waged against Iraq by the West, led by the United States of America. The difference between what Vladimir Putin has currently done on and in Crimea and what the West has done on and in Iraq in 2003 is profoundly huge, like the difference between day and night, and in that order, meaning DAY and NIGHT, respectively. 

So far, it has been good for Vladimir Putin, winning the political game on his own terms.

However, Putin's first visit to Crimea for the occasion of commemorating the victory of World War Two, ( WW II, for short ), and making a Russian nationalistic speech there, was a mistake and certainly unnecessary, under the current international political environment. Reasons:

(1)  WW II was won by the military efforts of several countries, mainly the military efforts of the United States of America, Great Britain and Communist Russia.

(2)  It is a recorded historical fact that Russia lost 22 million people who were killed during the war . The Russian estimate put the figure at 26.5 million Russian killed during the war. Either number, human history has already recognized that for Russia.

(3)  It is also a recorded historical fact that the rest of the countries which fought the ugliness of Nazism had also lost millions of people during that horrible war, just as Russia did.

(4)  In short, there is nothing wrong for Putin to express his Russian nationalistic feeling, but not to a point of sounding like a new fascist  for the 21st Century. Chancellor Angela Merkel  of Germany, had commented on Putin's first visit to Crimea to commemorate the victory of WW II as " most unfortunate. "  I believe she was right.

(5) Only constructive relationship with the United State of America, and rest of the international community can serve Russian interest and the interest of peace in the world.

Final Words:
Although I have wished to stay away from writing about politics and religions, for a while, to provide my spirit with some fresh air, it seems to me that some actions being committed by some strong political leaders like Vladimir Putin of Russia continue to deprive me from breathing enough fresh air, for a while, because of a simple reason: I am badly and terribly hocked up to politics since I was a teenager, in high school. Please do not get me wrong, meaning: I am not blaming Vladimir Putin or anybody else for interrupting my enjoyment of the fresh air my spirit needs, but my own human weaknesses. Vladimir Putin, his unnecessary visit to Crimea and his speech for commemorating  Russian victory in WW II have been merely a reminder of the contaminated air of the world of politics and its tail, the world of diplomacy.