Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Israel's Ziofascists Have Advocated Rape, As A Weapon Of War In Gaza.

By Sodium

NOTE: [ This essay is being written as a record of what the hard core Zionists of Israel had advocated to do to Palestinian women during the invasion of Gaza in July-August war of 2014. ]

The well known fascists of the world, especially in the Western World, had advocated all sorts of ugly practices against certain groups of minorities they did not like and wished to get rid of. So had done the Nazis of Germany, particularly against the Jews of Germany and the rest of Western Europe. To my knowledge, neither fascists nor Nazis had advocated the usage of Rape as a Weapon of War. That was precisely what the Ziofascists, ( the hard core Zionists ), in Israel had advocated to be done by the Israeli soldiers who invaded part of Gaza in July-August, 2014. To me, this is the lowest of all lows. And because of that, I have taken the responsibility to record it, here, for the whole people of the world to see and read; and then reach their own conclusions about such a criminal advocacy :

( 1 )  In a radio interviews in Israel, Mr. Mordechai Kader, an expert on the Middle East at Israel 's Bar Ilan University, had advocated raping Palestinian women as a weapon of war, and I quote, here,  of what he had advocated: " Nothing could deter Palestinian terrorists except the knowledge that their sisters or mothers will be raped. "

Sodium 's  Comments For ( 1 ):
What kind of an appropriate response such kind of a criminal advocacy deserves except calling the advocators the scums of the humanity and deserve to be hung by their balls until they die. as a just punishment ?. The real terrorists are not the Gazan resisters to Israel's brutalities and barbarity, but those who advocated the criminal acts of rape as a weapon of war.

( 2 )  A group of women had written to the President of Bar Ilan University in Israel, protesting the advocacy of raping Palestinian women, as a weapon of war, and rejecting providing a legitimacy to Israeli soldiers to rape Palestinian women. The response they had received from the university was astounding in backing Mr. Mordechai Kader' s advocacy of raping Palestinian women; and I would quote it, here, for the whole world to see and read and for the records: Kedar had simply described " the bitter reality of the Middle East. "

Sodium 's  Comments For ( 2 ):
" Bitter reality of the Middle East " is my foot....etc.....
If  an Arab expert on the Middle East, at an Arab University, had made similar advocacy of raping Israeli women, as a weapon of war, the whole Western world would have jumped in the arena in support of Israel 's "  right for self-defense ? " which would have provided Israel with more pretext to murder more Palestinian women and children. In Kader' s case of advocating raping Palestinian women, as a weapon of war, not a single Western leader or politician or public figure had once, just once, condemned such a criminal advocacy, in spite of the news of the advocacy had been transmitted through out the globe. Double Standard ?  You bet it is.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Zionism And The Gaza Wars.

By Sodium

The evidence resulting from all the criminal wars Israel has waged, so far, against the Palestinian people, especially against the civilian population of Gaza, has become glaringly clear, at least to me:

The Ziofascists of  Israel want to slaughter as many Palestinians as they possible can. And the fundamental reason behind such an inhuman barbarity has to do with the undercurrent demography that has been shaping up in the entire mandated Palestine, which includes Israel itself, West bank and Gaza Strip. Such a trend is beyond Israel's ability to overcome, in spite of the unprecedented Uncle Sam' s generosity, ranging from military, financial, diplomatic and geopolitical generosities. In short, the demography in the old mandated Palestine is developing in the Palestinians favor for two major reasons:

(1) In recent years, more Jews have already migrated from Israel to other countries such as U.S.A., Western Europe, Canada, or Australia than the number of Jews who have settled in Israel or in the settlements built illegally on stolen Palestinian lands. In fact, more than one million highly educated and professional Israelis have already left Israel and settled in the countries that were just mentioned.

(2) The birth rate among the Palestinians inside Israel itself, West Bank and Gaza Strip is greater than among Israeli Jews.

Such a trend Israel cannot possibly win. In fact, it points to a bleak future for Israel. Hence, the most intelligent Israelis have observed the writings on the wall and have already migrated from Israel to other countries, for good.

No power on Earth can help Israel from such a trend. Only the Ziofascist leaders of Israel can, when they recognize two basic facts:

Zionism is the product of late nineteenth century Europe. So were the ideologies of Fascism and Nazism. There is a parallel there between Zionism on one hand and Fascism and Nazism on the other hand. Both Fascism and Nazism were destructive ideologies that caused the slaughter of millions upon millions of innocent human beings. So is what Zionism doing right now in its endless wars against the Palestinian people. Only the Ziofascists of Israel can change that and save themselves, when they reject the destructive ideology of Zionism and just be good conscientious Jews.

The Ziofascists of Israel must be aware of the fact that their existence happened to be in an Arab neighborhood, stretching from northern Syria in the East to the Atlantic Ocean shores of Morocco in the West, with a total population of more than 320 million. Israel cting as the Bully in such a neighborhood has not worked and it is not working as the recent war in Gaza has proven and it is not going to work in the future. And sooner or later, the bully is going to be shocked what such an enduring neighborhood can do to the bully. The Ottomans tried it and they lost. The French tried it and they were kicked out. The British tried it and they were kicked out too.

Final Words:
The writer of this essay has refrained from calling the Israeli Zionists as "  Ziofascists " for so many years, in the hope that they would wise-up and de-Zionize themselves from such a destructive ideology and walk humbly with the Palestinians to the alter of peace. What the hard core Zionists in Israel, led by the right wing Likud Party, had done to the civilian population of Gaza, especially to women, children and disabled old people, in the war, they waged against Gaza, in July-August, 2014 had compelled me to start using the term, " Ziofascists, " as a fitting term that is compatible with their criminal behaviors in the war--fascist and Nazi behaviors which all humanity had endured in the last century, until both fascism and Nazism were defeated on the ground. So must Zionism and its Ziofascist adherents.