Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Apology That Costs $10 Billion.

By Sodium

In the essay entitled " Netanyahu 's Apology to Turkey ", published on March 26,2013, on this website, I asked the following question:

Knowing the arrogance of Netanyahu and fellow hard core Zionists, would he has apologized before extracting a high price from Obama ?

Well, lately, the mainstream media says that the U.S. government/Congress have approved TEN BILLION dollars worth of weapons to Israel. You have just read it correctly, and I repeat, that is $10 Billion, not Million.

The expectation that implicitly embodied in the above question had hit the target splendidly. And of course, the American taxpayers have to shoulder the financial burden, as usual. The question that should be raised now is:

How long the American taxpayers can endlessly put up with such kind of schemes, while Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas keeps reminding us that we are financially broke ? Just a question !

If the idea behind such a largeness is to send a message to Iran, concerning its nuclear activities, it is an extremely expensive message that could have been conveyed to Iran, either by face to face open discussions, or through other reliable channels Iran has a degree of confidence in. The problem is in the fact that Iran has no confidence in the West as a whole, especially no confidence in the USA. It believes that the USA does the dirty work in the Middle East, as Israel and its warmongering supporters inside the United States want. The destruction of Iraq and ignoring what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people, their lands and their East Jerusalem, for the last 46 years, attest to the Iranian of no confidence.

Finally, I must say that such an apology must have been the most expensive apology in the entire history of the human race. UNREAL !


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Exponents In Sufism.

By Sodium

As I reviewed the statistical feedback, provided by Google, with regards to readership of this website, world wide, some readers wanted to know the names of two exponents in Sufism. Well, I can provide them with the names of three exponents who are most known in the West, perhaps due to the fact that some of their Sufi writings were translated to other languages. However, I must say, here, that each era, or rather each generation, or even each century has its own of exponents in Sufism. This fact must be kept in mind before and after naming the three exponents in Sufism.

The names of the three exponents in Sufism are:

~  Muhyi  el-Deen  ibn  Arabi. For short, he is called just ibn  Arabi.

~  Jalal  el-Deen  Rumi. For short, he is called just Rumi.

~  Imam  Abu  Hamid  Muhammad  al-Ghazali. For short, he is called just al-Ghazali.

Please notice that in some published and translated literatures, the word " Deen " is written as " Din ", but I personally think that the correct spelling that corresponds to the Arabic pronouncement is " Deen ", not " Din ".

In order to remember the names of those three exponents in Sufism, try to remember their last names such as:

~  ibn  Arabi.

~  Rumi.

~  al-Ghazali.

Good luck......



Sunday, April 14, 2013

John Kerry's Recent Diplomatic Call Is Constructive.

By Sodium

John Kerry, Secretary of State, ( Foreign Minister ), of the United States of America had traveled lately to China, South Korea and Japan, trying to ease the potentially dangerous situation in the Korean peninsula. As he had finalized his trip in Japan, he had called to make the whole Korean peninsula a free zone of nuclear weapons.

To describe Kerry's diplomatic call as constructive is really an understatement. On the contrary, it is a quantum leap in the right direction, if followed by convincing and positive steps in the same direction. not only in the Korean peninsula, but also in the Middle East and the rest of the world. How ?

(1) Meet directly with his counterpart of North Korea. To accomplish that end, China's diplomatic assistance is imperative. Without it, nothing will be accomplished.
(2) Call also for a free Middle East from nuclear weapons. Such a call must be followed by concrete steps. The cooperation of both Iran and Israel is a must.
(3) In his first term, as president of the USA, President Obama convened an international conference for discussing the possibility of freeing the world from nuclear weapons. John Kerry can build his diplomatic efforts upon his boss' good intent that has been forgotten. Both North Korea and Iran must not be excluded from any future conferences for that end.
(4) All possible or probable future conferences on eliminating all nuclear weapons that are currently in existence in the world must be held through the good offices of the United Nations.

Of course, without a genuine move by all the countries which already possess nuclear weapons, namely, USA, Russia, France, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan and Israel, the human kind may end-up in a horrible Armageddon that makes life on Mother Earth a thing of the past: DEAD.....


Monday, April 8, 2013

The Hypocrisy Of The Nuclear Powers Of The World.

By Sodium

The five nuclear powers in the Security Council of the United Nations plus one, namely United States of America, Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, ( and Germany is the plus one), had a meeting, last week, with an Iranian delegation to reach some kind of accommodation, concerning Iran's activities in the nuclear field. They met, but achieved nothing of tangible values that both parties could brag about. Why so ?  What is really the core issue between the two parties ?

The nuclear powers plus one accuse Iran of working to build a nuclear bomb. Iran insists that all its nuclear activities are geared for peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and being a sovereign nation, it has acted within that authority provided by being a sovereign nation. More important is the fact that there is no confidence, let alone trust, between Iran and the Western nuclear powers, namely United States, France, United Kingdom plus German. It boils down to the fact that the Western nuclear powers will continue doing everything at their disposal to prevent Iran from becoming a country with a nuclear bomb. That will serve Israel just fine, as long as the Western nuclear powers stay the course, even if it takes attacking Iran's nuclear facilities to prevent Iran from having a nuclear bomb and the rest of the countries of the world have to suffer because of the consequences of  such an attack are so profoundly unpredictable on their economies.

My Comments:
* Iran should not build a nuclear bomb. So should not any other country in the globe. The human kind has already too many of them that can destroy the whole world ten times over. All it takes fools  idiots, or mad persons to start pushing buttons for their cherished Armageddon to take place. Those who claim that such a thing will never be permitted to occur, they may change their mind after they read Michael Baigent's book entitled " RACING TOWARD ARMAGEDDON ".  

* Before attempting to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb, the five nuclear powers plus Germany should start destroying what they already have. If they do so by just having a practical and reasonable plan to get rid of all nuclear weapons in the world, then and only then their attempts to stop Iran or any other country from building a nuclear bomb will bear credence. Otherwise, their position on Iran cannot be described by anything positive and constructive at all. To put it bluntly it is really hypocrisy with distinction.

* After he retired from being president of the United States of America for eight great years, President Dwight Eisenhower was interviewed by former Republican Congressman Paul Findley of Illinois, one of the 50 states of the United States of America.  During the interview, Findley asked Eisenhower about the nuclear weapons and Eisenhower responded by saying that nuclear weapons were/are useless except in one single objective: they act as deterrent. These are not the exact words President Eisenhower used, but close enough to convey to the readers the meaning of his response to the former Congressman Paul Findley. Eisenhower's response has a defining moment of the nuclear weapons what they actually are for all humanity to be aware of. Here is a General of Generals, and the only Five Stars General in the entire military history of the United States describes nuclear weapons as useless except they act as deterrent. No country needs to waste its energy, time and wealth to end-up having such a horrible deterrent. There are other ample ways to possess deterrence.

* If the nuclear powers of the world cannot overcome their hypocrisy, then they should not act so hypocritically whenever a country like Iran wants to have nuclear bombs like them.