Friday, April 24, 2015

The Bullies In The Arab Neighborhood Of The Middle East.

By Sodium

Although my intent has been to review the answers given to the " 100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible ", as expressed by Stephen M. Miller, the accelerated events that have taken place in the last two months have compelled me to postpone my intended plan, in order to follow, through the Internet, the madness of the following two events:

( 1 )  Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 's Warmongering Speech To U.S. Congress.
( 2 )  The Yemenite Minority of Al-Houthis' Military Coup In Yemen.

As one witnesses such events unfolding, with serious consequences to the people of the Middle East which has been in instability since the days of Lawrence of Arabia activities, in Middle East, during World War One ( WW I ), one may wonder aloud, where all such endless instability and associated human tragedies can lead to ?
An essay entitled, " Balfour Declaration and Sykes-Picot Accord Are Roots Of Violence / Wars In The Middle East, " ( dated July 13, 2014 and published on this website ), that had taken place during WW I, is a must read in order to truly comprehend the real causes of such ceaseless instability, chaos, violence and wars, as one sees going on and on and on etc..., ever since, in the Middle East.

In spite of the great importance of Balfour Declaration and Sykes-Picot Accord to the current instability, violence and wars in the Middle East, as an integrated whole, one may wish to overlook them, just for a while, in order to determine who are really the current political bullies in the Middle East:

Zionist Israel:

As one follows the career of Benjamin Netanyahu, a former Furniture Salesman in the United States of America, turned politician in Israel, and eventually Prime Minister, one may be able to see that he has been a man of arrogant Hasbara (Propaganda) and expansion and war. In fact, his murdering of civilians, especially women, children and disabled old people, during his war on Gaza, in last July and August of 2014, has already placed him and his ZioFascist helpers in the top of the list of war criminals of the Twenty First Century-current century. Perhaps, the Middle East might have experienced less chaos and violence, if he remained in the U.S. selling mattresses to an Asian American whorehouse in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. His war mongering speech, on March 3, 2015, to the U.S. Congress was a clear call for war against Iran's nuclear activities. He has certainly sounded a hypocrite, in his offensive and insulting speech to Congress, since he has already, at least, 200 nuclear bombs while Iran has none, so far. How about one of the bigger nuclear powers, like the U.S.A. demands, as it demanded from Iraq in 2003, that he, Netanyahu, disarm of his nuclear arsenal or face land invasion to disarm him by a military force ?  It will be interesting to see his reaction if that ever happens.

Persian Iran:

Al-Houthis are a Yemenite small minority who are Zaidis, an Islamic sect close to Shi'i Islam. That means they are closer to Iran than to Sunni Islam. The vast majority of Muslims are Sunni. Iran is mainly Shi'i. Question: why the Yemenite Houthis are called Houthis, in spite of the fact that they are really Zaidis ?  Answer: they are called Houthis because their leader, who is a loudly aggressive and arrogant man, named Abdel  Malik Al-Houthi. Hence, they were dubbed as Al-Houthis who could not have possibly succeeded in their illegal seizer of power from the legally elected President Abed Ruboh Mansour Hadi, without military help. Such a help has come from Iran and the former President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Al-Saleh, who was forced out of power by the Yemeni youthful revolutionaries in 2011-2012. As a result of Al-Houthis-Al-Saleh-Iran's military coup, the elected President, Mr. Abed Rubuh Mansour Hadi under house arrest. He eventually fled to Saudi Arabia and requested international help from Saudi Arabia, Arab League and United Nations to help him restore legitimacy to Yemen. The United Nations Security Council has passed resolution 2216 calling on Al-Houthis and their supporters to respect the legitimacy of President Hadi and solve their differences through dialogues, not through illegal seizure of power. All diplomatic efforts produced nothing. In fact, as soon as Al-Houthis succeeded in taking over the government facilities, they immediatly established 14 direct air flights per week between Sana'a, Yemen capital city and Tehran, Iran's capital. Before the takeover of government facilities there were no such flights between the two cities. It was obvious, Iran was behind it all. A dangerous move, at the borders of Saudi Arabia and pretty close to the Bab Al-Mandab, the strategic narrow pathway that connects the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea. That has become a real threat to Saudi Arabia and to international navigations through Bab Al-Mandab. Saudi Arabia has no other alternative except to strike back, with real powerful air bombardment of Al-Houthis and Saleh's Army in Yemen, demanding that Al-Houthis and the former President of Yemen to disarm and respect the legitimacy of President Hadi. Saudi Arabia is now demanding that Iran should stay out of intervening in the internal affairs of the entire Arab countries. The Saudi demand is plausible, since some Iranian officials have recently bragged that they control four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sana'a and the future capital of their Persian empire will be Baghdad. In addition, one Iranian university professor has recently written a book in which he tried to prove that " The Prophet Muhammad was not an Arab."  If such silly attempts, on the part of the Iranian bragging officials and the writing of the university professor means anything, it means one thing:  It is amusing how far can some Iranians go on in such hallucinations. It seems to the writer of this essay that they have not forgotten yet their military defeat in the great "Battle of Al-Qadisyah " on the hands of the 7th century Arabs. Resentment and hatred of Arabs ?  Most likely. And Persian Iran has used slyly and effectively sectarianism,-meaning Sunni--Shi'i split, within the confine of the Arab World to sustain such a resentment and hatred of Arabs. It is most regrettable behavior.

The Bullies In The Neighborhood:

On one of the websites I occasionally make comments on one of its forums, I have written the following comments, immediately after Benjamin Netanyahu had made his offensive and arrogant speech to U.S. Congress; and just about two weeks before Saudi Arabia had decided to strike hard at the Houthis and Saleh's Army in Yemen:

"  Both Iran and Israel are guilty in their arrogant Hasbara ( Propaganda ), for the sake of achieving their geopolitical goals in the Middle East, by a hook or crook. The cherished goal of each is hegemony. Both seem to keep ignoring the fact that their bullying has been performed in an Arab neighborhood. Sooner or later, the neighborhood will be saturated by their bullying craps and implode from within, in their faces; and might make shambles out of both of them. The cycle of history says so, not me. "
The comments quoted above is no brilliance in political analysis, but simply common sense and rational, based on daily observations of what has been going on in the Arab neighborhood of the Middle East. I must assume that other observers of the political and military scenes of the Middle East might have already reached the same conclusion as I have expressed in my quoted comments in this blog.

Taking A Moral Stand:

If I refrain, here, from saying that I have felt supportive of Saudi Arabia air force strikes against the Houthis and Saleh's Army, I would have been less than an honest man. Such a supportive moral position stems from the fact that Saudi Arabia has struck back with its powerful air force in order to force both Al-Houthis and Saleh to respect the legitimacy of President Hadi, and in order to abide by the United Nations' Security Council's Resolution 2216, and to convey a clear message to Iran and other bullies, in the Middle East, that bullying at its southern borders and potentially threatening to control international navigation through Bab Al-Manndab, the narrow water pathway that connects the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea, will not be tolerated by Saudi Arabia and the Arab people across the entire Arab World.. Period.

Final Words:
It is so obvious to the writer of this essay that the geopolitical bullies, in the Arab neighborhood, are Israel's Netanyahu and his companies of Ziofascists; and Persian Iran and its supporters. The Arab population in the Middle East is 340 million while the sum total of the population of Israel, Iran, Turkey and Malta and Cypress is hardly 150 million. Therefore, describing the Middle East as an Arab neighborhood is a correct description. And describing Israel and Iran as the political bullies in the Arab Neighborhood, is also a correct description, as one closely examines what Israel and Iran have been doing in, and to, the Arab neighborhood and its 340 million human beings.