Sunday, July 13, 2014

Balfour Declaration & Sykes-Picot Accord Are Roots Of Violence / Wars In Middle East.

By Sodium

What one sees chaos, violence and wars in the Middle East, these days, is fundamentally due to political criminal acts committed by certain Western powers which had publicly or secretly made the following two documents, during World War One, ( WW 1, for short ):

( 1 )  Balfour Declaration.
( 2 )  Sykes-Picot Accord.

In order to provide the interested readers of this website with a clear picture of what was going on, during WW !, it is imperative to show how each of the two documents, specified above, has been developed and eventually signed and made official documents, serving only the interest of two colonial powers, namely Great Britain and France, without taking into considerations the welfare and humanity of the people of the Middle East:

( 1 ) Balfour Declaration:
Such a declaration has been expressed in a letter signed by Mr. Arthur James Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, ( Minister of Foreign Affairs ), addressed to Lord Rothschild, a wealthy Zionist Jew who had promised the British that he would deliver a reluctant America into WW 1 The text of Mr. Balfour' s letter addressed to Lord Rothschild is quoted below:


 FOREIGN   OFFICE ( Of  Britain. )

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of his Majesty Government that following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved, by, the Cabinet.

His Majesty 's Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I would be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist federation.

Yours Sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour


It must be pointed out that Mr. Balfour had written the above quoted letter to Lord Rothschild, after obtaining the formula for the synthesis of Acetone, ( a chemical compound that could be used in the manufacturing of Chemical Weapons ), from  Dr. Chaim Wiseman who was well known Organic Chemist and who discovered Acetone. In addition of being a well known Organic Chemist, Wiseman was also a well known Zionist leader. It is so obvious to the writer of this essay that Wiseman could not have given Balfour the formula for the synthesis of Acetone without getting " something " from Balfour, in return. That " something " was the letter signed by Balfour and addressed to Lord Rothschild and quoted above. Ever since, it has been known as The Balfour Declaration. What really had taken place between Balfour and Wiseman resembles, in a way, a typical " Horses Trading " which, in the real business world, simply meant: " I am willing to trade my horse with yours."

Wiseman' s " horse " was the formula for the synthesis of Acetone and Balfour' s " horse " was The Balfour Declaration, as quoted above. Since those two men have " Traded Horses," the Palestinians have suffered ever since and to a lesser degree the Jews have suffered also, ever since.

Question: Since it is only a letter, why it is called a Declaration ?
Answer: Because Mr. Balfour himself had called it a Declaration twice, within the text of  his letter, addressed to Lord Rothschild. The word " declaration " appears in the beginning and last sentences, respectively, of the text of the letter quoted above.

As Israel was created in May of 1948, Chaim Wiseman became the first President of Israel, although he was not the first choice for such a position. The first choice was Albert Einstein who wisely and politely had declined accepting the offer, because he wanted Arabs and Jews to live side by side, together in the land called, then, Palestine. It seems to the writer of this essay that the brilliant Einstein knew, or at least had envisioned, what would happen, after Israel was created at the expense of the Palestinian people: endless wars between Arabs and Zionists over Palestine. If the hard core Zionists were smart enough, they could have learned from Einstein' s wisdom/envision. They were ( and still are ) arrogant zealots and paranoid; because of which they had/have been unable to realize that the project of Zionism had/has already failed, so far, in bringing to them peace, but endless wars and bleak future, in spite of all military, financial political and diplomatic assistance Israel keeps fleecing and abusing the great institutions of the United States of America, through the destructive power of its AIPAC, the political pressure group, well known, in Washington DC and in the Halls of Congress as the " AIPAC  LOBBY. " 

And because of the unlimited and endless American support, at all levels, Israel has become an arrogant and intoxicated with its own power; the consequences of which has been total abuse of the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people, and at the same time it has ignored the fact that its shaky existence will always be in an Arab neighborhood whose population in the streets resents its abusive practices against the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people and resent also its obvious arrogant intoxication with the unlimited and endless support of  the American vast powers. And because of all of that, Israel has ended-up being an Apartheid State.

In short, Apartheid States cannot possibly have a bright future, but a bleak one. The cycle of history says so.

( 2 ) Sykes-Picot Accord:
This accord was established secretly, during WW 1,  between Sykes, a British diplomat and Picot, a French diplomat. The whole purpose of the accord was to divide the whole Middle East, after the demise of the Ottoman Empire between Britain and France. In fact, after winning WW 1,  Britain and France had ended up dividing the whole Arab world between themselves. Under the Ottoman Empire, one could travel  from the Turkish city of Istanbole, in the East to the Moroccan city of Casablanca in the West, without encountering any serious handicap or rather hindrance, such as Passport Controls and Customs Controls. The British and French have divided the whole Arab world into 22 countries and colonized them as they saw fit. Each one of the 22 countries has its own puppet government, identified by geographical borders; and each one of the 22 separated identities has created its own Passport Control and Customs Control. In short, both Britain and France had applied the ugly policy of " Divide and Rule, " in order to rule the resentful Arab population.

In fact, France, at one point in history, had considered Algeria as an integral part of France. It took the Algerian people a long struggle and sacrificing more than one million martyrs to get rid of the French rule. Similarly, the British had practiced the policy of  " Divide and Rule, " notably in India, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Cyprus and Yemen. The British Empire of 1917 biggest and ugliest political crime has been what it had done in Palestine: helped creating Israel on the expense of the Palestinian people who were the genuine and true owners of the lands of Palestine. What one can expect from an Empire whose policy was to " Divide and Rule " for keeping the population of its vast colonies under control ?  The most tragic consequences of such a policy was after the Empire was forced to withdraw from some of its colonies. Samples:

~  After the British Empire withdrew from India, the stage was set for Indian Hindus fighting Indian Muslims over Kashmire, an Indian region whose vast majority of people were/are Muslims. Such a fight has been going on ever since the withdrawal, and continued till present time
~  After the British Empire withdrew from Palestine, Zionist Jews started fighting Palestinian Arabs. Such a fight has been going on ever since the withdrawal, and continued till present time.
~  After the British Empire withdrew from Cyprus, a fight had/has started between Greeks and Turks. Such a fight has been going on ever since the withdrawal, and continued till present time.

Any reader who is interested in the meticulous details of the Sykes-Picot Accord must conduct his own research via good libraries and the Internet. This website can only provide you with an outline or a brief review of it, free of charge.

Final words:
It is so obvious that neither Britain nor France had any right to do what they had done to the people of the Middle East and every place else they conquered by sheer military forces. Who, in Palestine, had given the authority to Arthur James Balfour to author a declaration to Lord Rothschild, or making a " Horse's Trading " with Chaim Wiseman, on the expense of the Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews who were innocents of the crimes committed against the European Jews?  In fact, Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews used to baby sit for one another, as their daily circumstances had dictated to do so. Therefore, what one sees, these days, of bloodshed and apparently an endless chaos and violence, have its roots in those two horrible documents, authored by two Western colonial powers, during World War One. It must be said again and again and again, and an endless again, that those two Western colonial powers had no right, whatsoever, doing what they had done to the colonized people of  the Middle East and North Africa. An apology will not be good enough. They should pay financial reparations to the people of that region of the world, through the International Court of Justice.