Sunday, October 7, 2012

President Obama Deserves Second Term.

Dear Readers,

I have followed President Obama's actions, and in-actions as well, since he has been elected President in 2008 presidential election, with a large margin against his Republican opponent, Senator John MaCain.

Although I have some disagreement with some of  Obama's actions and in-actions as well, I have tried to see the WHOLE FOR-EST of issues he has to deal with, instead of concentrating my sight on a tree or two or three. Yes, Obama has failed in delivering on some issues, or perhaps his hands were tied, and thus, he could not do much about them.

Therefore, my vote in the presidential election on November 6,2012 will be cast, once again, for President Obama. Reasons :

(1)  Obama has inherited from Bush-Cheney Administration  huge problems and extremely unfavorable circumstances in all fronts-internally and internationally.

(2)  To be specific,he has  inherited two wars : One in Iraq and the second one in Afghanistan. He withdrew the American military forces from Iraq. I wish he has done the same in Afghanistan, since Afghanistan is well known in recorded history to have been the grave yard for conquerors and empires. It seems to me that the pressure from certain power groups in the United States was so immense on him he just could not repeat what he had done in Iraq : military forces withdrawal from Afghanistan as well.

(3)  Obama has inherited horrible economic and financial  conditions America has not encountered since The Great Depression of 1930's : economic meltdown, bankrupt financial institutions and automobile manufacturers and accelerating unemployment and expensive heath care system most Americans could not afford, especially in an  environment of rising unemployment.

I can go on giving more reasons why I intend to vote again for Obama,but lest I burden the readers with more reasons,I would like to stress the fact that Obama has done splendidly, as one examines all of the above problems he has to deal with. He has improved the health care system for the majority of Americans,not as much as one might like,but good enough for a start. Yes,there is more to be desired in this particular issue.

As to the big problem of rate of unemployment, his administration has succeeded in decreasing it from 16 percent to 7.8 percent. Just to appreciate such an achievement, one has to remember that just two years ago the rate of unemployment was around 16 to 18 percent. Even some reports put the figure at 20 percent. Obama's and his team have done an admirable job, by any standard, on the unemployment issue.

In the international arena, President Obama initiated an International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament about two years ago. In my view, this is one of the most encouraging attempt to get rid of all nuclear weapons, world wide. Although the conference did not come up with concrete resolutions,the fact it was held and attended by most countries that has nuclear weapons is by itself encouraging. It seems to me that such a conference has a far reaching objective than the eye can see. It is only the beginning, if humankind  cares to save itself from total and mutual destruction by the nuclear arsenals it has in stores in thousands upon thousands of tons. I tip my hat, in due respect, to President Obama for making the initiative.

Final words : To those readers of this website,who have no idea who I am and what I stand for, I submit the following information, not because I must do so,but because I would like to help out as much as I can :

~  I am an INDEPENDENT AMERICAN VOTER, leaning slightly to the left. I have never been a member of the Democratic Party, nor the Republican Party. I vote according to what my conscience dictates. During my adult life, I voted for moderate Republicans nominees as much as I voted for Democratic Party;s nominees. In short, I cherish my INDEPENDENCE, and have no intent to change. Period.

As to voting to a third party, I did vote for Ralph Nader in the Presidential election of 2000. He received only 4 percent of the total votes. I will not vote to third party again, unless the third party is credible enough to have a fair chance of defeating the nominees of  the two major parties, meaning the nominee of the Republican Party and the nominee of the Democratic Party, as well.

Yes, I will adhere to the lesser evil idea, rather than throwing my vote away for a third party candidate who has no chance of winning whatsoever.

All the above outline is not to influence any voter. Not at all.

Please consider this essay as an attempt  to make it clear to the readers of this website where I stand on various issues, as they may read future essays that may touch some of the issues mentioned in this article.





  1. Sodium: Obama and Romney are two faces of the same coin. They are both supported by Wall Street's moguls and big money. I have no use for either one of them.

    I will vote for a third party'nominee,although I know he or she has no chance of winning against Obama or Romney. It is a protest vote.

    1. Anonymous,

      I respect your prerogative. I am almost sure you respect mine.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. "Lesser of the two evils" is the truth! I'm with you on this Sodium, will vote for Obama simply for that reason.

    1. bint mileh,

      I am delighted that you have made your mind to vote for the lesser evil. That means for President Obama-a sensible decision,indeed.

      Thank you for taking your time to let me know your decision. Much appreciated.

  3. I will vote for dr.jill stein.At least,she is not a politician.All politicians give the public a bunch of promises before the election and forget about them after the election.I am getting tired of this.Beside,america needs a new face as president.

    1. Glen,

      If Dr.Jill Stein has 40 to 50 chance of winning, I would vote for her. Unfortunately, she has none of that,at all. Hence, I am not willing to throw my vote away again.

      The next President of the United States is going to be either Obama or Romney. This is the reality I have to recognize and deal with accordingly.

      Therefore,I will vote for the lesser evil of the two; and that has happened to be Obama,in my view.

      At any rate,thank you for your comments.

  4. I will go for the lesser evil too.

    Why throw away my vote for a third party's candidate who has no chance of even coming close of winning?

    1. Nancy,

      A good question. Thank you for raising it.

  5. Sodium,

    I must remind you that the lesser evil is still an evil.

    From reading your well written articles, you sound an idealist. What has happened to your idealism? just a question.

    1. Potassium,

      I have no disagreement with your comment that "the lesser evil is still an evil" because it is a logical statement. But we are dealing here with logic,not reality. Let me explain:

      Deliberate murder is evil. So is deliberate theft. If you agree that both murder and theft are evil,then and only then,you may agree with me that the difference between the magnitude of the two evils is relatively huge. Hence a legitimate Court of Law has to pass judgment/verdict according to the magnitude of the evil or crime committed. If a judge and jury, who are human beings like you and I,can distinguish between evil and another evil, why voters who decide to vote for the lesser evil are criticized,all over the Internet, with the statement,"the lesser evil is still evil"?

      Potassium: I have no idea as to who has given you the notion that I am an idealist. I am too old for idealism. I have left idealism a long long time ago. If you have accused me of being a realist,you would have hit correctly the proper description,because that is what I try to be,at all times,whenever I can.

      Calling yourself "Potassium" is really funny,(brought me a Chuckle),since both elements of Sodium and Potassium belong to the same Alkaline family of elements in the Periodic Table of Elements. Check it out.

      Thank you for your comments and question. And thank you,even more,for the "chuckle".