Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Note To The Readers Of This Website.

Dear readers,

Shortly, two essays will be posted on this Website. They are:

(1)  A  Scrutiny Of The Slogan: " The Lesser Evil Is Still An Evil ."
(2)  Is Sufism Considered A Persuasion Of  ISLAM ?

I have felt that I have to deal with the first topic (1),  due to the fact that the Independent Voters who decided to vote for  President Obama on November 6,2012 ( American Presidential Election ) were reminded mainly by the third party's (Green Party) supporters that " the lesser evil is still an evil ". It really was a challenge that was worth  exploring for the benefit of all readers who might be interested.

As to the second topic(2) listed above, I have noticed lately,while reviewing the readership of all the topics already published on this website, world wide, a lone reader was digging into the an essay entitled,"Sufism And Sufis" posted on this website on May 25,2012. I want to extend a hand to that reader,whoever he or she might be, and exploring with him or her more about Sufism that may benefit all readers who have interest to know more about the subject of " Sufism ".


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