Saturday, January 11, 2014

On The Death of Ariel Sharon of Israel.

By Sodium

Based upon what I know about Ariel Sharon, a former prime minister of Israel, and a well known war criminal, ( Sabra and Shatela's massacre in 1982 in Lebanon, and Qibya's massacre in Palestine in 1953 ), he deserves no eulogy from me, or from any other self-respecting human being who sanctifies human life. In fact, I say bluntly, to anyone who cares to listen, his death is a GOOD RIDDANCE.

All those world's leaders who eulogized him are nothing more than a bunch of liars, because they know, as well as I do, that he was a warmongering psychopath and thief; and above all, a war criminal who should have been brought to International Court of Justice to face justice, for his accumulated criminal acts against humanity.

I publish this post to remain, hopefully without deletion, as a witness and reminder, for all future generations, across the globe, to read and be well aware of who really Ariel Sharon was, in spite of what the self serving political eulogists had said, in compliments, over his death..

I say it once more: his death is a GOOD RIDDANCE.    


  1. Sodium,You know as well as I do that Sharon was only one war criminal of many of the Zionist leaders who are just as murderers as Sharon was. I know you know this. I just want to make it clear to the other war criminals in Israel that people like me who are Palestinians are well aware who those war criminal are.

  2. Mo,

    Yes I do and I can name all the war criminals, not only in Israel, but also in the United States and Western Europe.

    Thanks for reminding me.