Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who was the Originator of the Term: " Road Map " ?

By Sodium

The two words, "Road Map " have become almost a standard term to be used in planning programs in all issues of interest, especially in domestic politics and international diplomacy, as well.

As one watches the so many political shows on the Internet, one may notice that the anchor persons of the shows as well as the expert-guets of the shows, repeat the term, "Road Map, " or in Arabic language, " Kharetat  al-altareeq, "  in their discussions. One may marvel at the frequencies of hearing the two words, " Road Map, " or " Kharetat al-tareeq, " during the life span of the show. Recently, there have been programs of " Road Map, " or " Kharetat al-tareeq " in the following countries:

~  There has been  a political " Road Map " in Tunisia.
~  There has been a political " Road Map " in Egypt.

Perhaps, there are more " Road Maps" in many other countries as well.

Just by being impressed by the frequencies of the use of the term " Road Map " in the talk shows in Tunisia and in Egypt, has prompted the writer of this essay to remember what he had read in the American mainstream media about the leak that was leaked from a meeting between President George W. Bush of the United States of America and King Abdallah II, Head of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The meeting had taken place in the White House during, Bush's administration, (2000-2008)

Being eager to see the establishment of peace in the Middle East, the King stated in that meeting that what the Middle East needed was a " Road Map " for peace. It seemed that Bush was impressed by the term, " Road Map, " since he looked at his advisors, who were present in that meeting, and repeated what the King had suggested, " A Road Map " for peace in the Middle East. And it is obvious that the body gesture of the President was like ordering his advisors to take note what the King had suggested about the " Road Map ."

As soon as the leak of the meeting hit the American main-stream-media, journalists, reporters and experts on the Middle East affairs started talking about the possible " Road Maps " for peace in the Middle East. And the term, " Road Map, " had spread out like mushrooms and eventually had reached Tunisia's and Egypt's political attempts to solve their respective problems by some kind of political " Road Maps."

Hence, according to the leak in the American mainstream media, as outlined above, it was the Jordanian King Abdullah II who had originated the hottest term, " Road Map, " known in the annals of political agenda, in the international scene, at the moment. He is also known to have originated the term " Shi'i Crescent, " in describing the alliance that has developed amongst Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hisbullah Party in Lebanon. As one inspects the geographical map of the Middle East, one may notice that the geographical locations of the countries, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon make a shape, or an image resembling a Crescent, indeed.

It seems to the writer of this essay that the current Jordanian King has a talent in originating new terms, like, " Road Map " and " Shi'i Crescent " and use them so effectively in his international diplomatic communications. Such a talent is a reminder of another talent practiced by his father, the late King Hussein, who was a master in using his body language in expressing politely his intent, or rather in expressing respectfully what he wanted to say in his international connections and diplomacy. To appreciate how effective King Hussein was in that aspect, check an essay titled " Body Language In International Diplomacy " dated August 20, 2012, published on this website.

The adage, " father like son " appears to fit nicely, here, except that the father was a master in body language, while his son and successor appears to have a talent in originating new terms to be used in domestic politics, as well as in international diplomacy. Perhaps, the genes have something to do with such a father-son-relationship which, in reality, means intelligence..

Repeating the question of the title of this post, for emphasis:

Who was the Originator of the Term, " Road Map " ?

Answer:The originator of the term, " Road Map "  was King Abdullah II, of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, during a meeting with President George W. Bush of the U.S.A., in the White House, in Washington DC.

The intent in outlining all of the foregoing is to make certain that the credit goes to the true originator or inventor of the term, and not to possible fraudulent claimants.


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