Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two Unusual Book Titles.

By Sodium

I lately have come across two books whose titles have attracted my attention to a point I had found myself being compelled to purchase them both. The titles of the two books are as follows:

The Book of Useless Information, ( Hard Cover )
Published by
Publication International, Ltd.

The Book of Unusual Knowledge, ( Hard Cover )
Published By
Publication International, Ltd.

Each book contains more than 700 pages of the regular size. Because of shortage of time and possible interruption due to poor health, it is not convenient to me to provide a full and complete reviews to the two books. What I can do is to provide a selection of topics I may find interesting to read, and at the same time, hoping that the dedicated readers of this website will find interesting to read too.

Samples From The Book Of Useless Information:
" Earth is the only planet not named after a god."

" It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information "  By Oscar Wilde.

" Twelve Best Selling Books Repeatedly Rejected By Publishers. "  The twelve books are specifically named and briefly discussed and some were translated to foreign languages.

Samples From The Book Of Unusual Knowledge:
" It took thirty million hours for Stone-Age workers to build Stonehenge. "

" There is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge."  By Michel de Montaigne.

" The average life span of a rat is less than three years, but one pair can produce 2,000 offspring in a year."

Some of the knowledge in this book, are so hilarious which had compelled me to laugh loudly, such as the following newspaper headlines:

"Absentee Votes Can Be Made in Person."
"Man Found Dead in Cemetery."
" Deaf College Opens Doors to Hearing."

Final Words:
Stay tune for occasional selections which will be made, in the future, from each one of those amazing and amusing two books. You may be just as surprised as myself, when I provide you with some of the information / knowledge embodied in the content of those two books. The idea behind the occasional selection of topics from the two books is to stay away from politics and religions, for a change. It is good for the soul and mind to do so, once in a while.


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