Monday, June 16, 2014

Welcoming A New Follower Of This Website-Reviews By Sodium.

By Sodium

A website called " Reality Zone " has lately joined the team of followers of this website. Although I know nothing about " Reality Zone, " I do extend a welcome to " Reality Zone, " since the accompanied picture of the person who is  responsible for running " Reality Zone " has looked very decent to me.

If " Reality Zone " reads this welcome, I will appreciate knowing a brief outline about the mission, if any, of " Reality Zone. " Such a request can be respond to on the commentary section of the latest essay being published on this website. Example: this welcoming note is considered by me the latest essay or blog of this site. Hence, " Reality Zone " can leave an appropriate and brief outline about what the blog's interest, intent and mission are. If this is done, I shall be most appreciative and will try to respond to their interest as much as possible.

Again, welcome " Reality Zone " to Reviews By Sodium.


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