Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Note To the Readers Of This Website.

Dear Readers Across The Globe,

This note is being addressed to you to let you know that I am still alive and breathing and doing okay health-wise. And the reason behind the fact that I have not written any essay since July 13,2014 has been my profound interest in the recent Gaza War. I have followed it hour by hour on the Internet and at the same time I have tried exposing the barrage of the shameless lies, fabricated by the hard core Zionists of the current Israel's government of Benjamin Netanyahu, to the American public as much as I possibly could, by posting certain commentaries on three different websites which were/ are more read by American readers than this website, which was fundamentally designed for global readership, not merely for American readers. Besides, I have tried to keep this website intellectually stimulating for those global readers interested in genuine knowledge about religions, international geopolitics and its tail, " The International Diplomacy."

At the moment, I am closely following the temporary Hudna, ( temporary cease fire ), of the Gaza War; and the subsequent indirect negotiations that have been going on in Cairo, Egypt, under the leadership of the Egyptian government.

As you may see that the reason has nothing to do with health, or technical difficulties, or ignoring my profound feeling of obligations toward everyone of you, but this immoral, barbaric and savage war being waged against women, children and the rest of the civilian population of Gaza.

Sooner or later, I shall return to writing the usual weekly essay on this website. And I will certainly write about the Gaza War of 2014. Meanwhile, try to catch up on reading the essays that have been published on this website and, for one reason or another, you have, somehow, missed reading.

May the future be kind to the victimized and agonized people of Gaza. I do feel that I am one of them; and my empathy toward them all is limitless.

And shame and more shame on the current criminal government of Israel and shame on every country that has tried to defend the indefensible and criminal acts committed by a bunch of fascist adherents to the destructive ideology of Zionism.

Pity the nation that claims that Israel has the right for self-defense, ( although Israel has started the war ), and dares not say a single word about Palestinians rights for self-defense, out of fear of the powerful and destructive Zionist pressure group, (Lobby ), called the American Israel Public Relations Committee, or ( AIPAC ), for short, in Washington DC.

AIPAC practically controls the Halls of Congress of the United States of America and dictates, on Congress, what American policies Israel wants the United States to follow and apply in the Middle East. Whether such dictated policies are detrimental or unhelpful to the global interest of the United States, especially in the Middle East, is un-important, as long as Israel's interest served first. Period. Only an enlightened American public can change such detrimental activities for the best interest of the United States. And that is precisely what I am trying to do, however small my attempts might have been. The most important is to continue the attempts and hope for fair American policies towards the genuine victims, the Palestinian people. One day, I do trust that America will do the right thing. It is just a matter of time. And that requires supreme human patience.      


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