Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Netanyahu: " Israel Is A Jewish State For Jews ( Only ) "

By Sodium

According to some Internet 's news reporting, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel and the majority of  the members of his government, have already approved and declared that Israel is a Jewish State for Jews only. The voting results amongst the members of his cabinet were 14 votes for such a declaration and 6 votes against it.

Mr. Netanyahu intends to submit what his government has approved, with regards to the Jewishness of the State of Israel, to the Parliament for approval and consequently making it a law. If the Israeli Parliament approves it by simple majority, it will become a law.

A question: If the Israeli Parliament approves such a fascist declaration what will happen to Israel 's citizens who are not Jewish ?

Answer: they will become more and more second class citizen, since they have already been treated as second class citizens by Ziofascists of Israel.

The writer of this blog has written in earlier essays, which have already been published on this website, that the current Zionist leaders in the current Israeli government are nothing more than a bunch of fanatical Ziofascists with distinction, Netanyahu and the majority of his government 's members have just given more credence to what the writer of this essay has already written and published on this website about them.

Since the actions of Netanyahu and the hard core Zionists in his government are louder than their words, no further comments and proofs are needed to prove, once more, that they are, indeed, a bunch of  Ziofascists, with distinction.


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