Tuesday, October 27, 2015

" What Cancer Cannot Do "

By Sodium

The following inspirational statements about the human deadly disease called " Cancer " have been found by Sodium; and he, in turn, wishes to share them with the dedicated readers of this website.

        " What Cancer Cannot Do "

" Cancer is so limited ":

" It ( Cancer ) cannot cripple love "

"It cannot shatter hope "

" It cannot corrode faith "

" It cannaot destroy peace "

" It cannot kill friendship "

" It cannot supress memories "

" It cannot invade the soul "

" It cannot steal the eternal life "

" It cannot conquer the spirit "
                        Author: Anonymous

Final Words:
I do hope that every reader who has read all of the above inspirational statement,s authored by unknown author or writer,  or by just a simple human being, has enjoyed reading them just as I have.


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