Saturday, November 21, 2015

A salute to Ms. Margot Wellstrom, Foreign Minister of Sweden.

By Sodium

The writer of this blog wishes to publicly salute Margot Wallstrom, the current Foreign Minister of Sweden, for what she has stated lately about the roots of the problems in the Middle East. She has hit the real score when she has said recently that the real cause of the violence and bloodshed in the Middle East has been the failure of finding a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I certainly could not agree with her more on what she has advocated. Reasons:

(1) Since the arrival of the destructive and fascist ideology of Zionism to the shores of Palestine from Eastern Europe and Russia initially, in late 19th century and early 20th century, the Middle East has been geared into the current violence and wars, ever since. Using the the seven words, " destructive and fascist ideology of Zionism " has not come from void, but from a life time knowledge of what has been taken place in Palestine. A bunch of hard core adherents to Zionism arrived to the shores of Palestine with determination to force the vast majority of Palestinians to leave their homes, lands and businesses into permanent exiles in the neighboring countries and across the globe. The writings of some Zionist founders and knowledgeable historians of Israel attest to this undeniable facts

(2) Balfour Declaration has committed Great Britain, whose military power of its navy in 1916 ruled the world then, to the establishment of what the world knows now as Israel. For deeper knowledge about what actually had taken place to extract this declaration from Great Britain in 1916, please review an essay that was titled ," Thoughts On Edward Said and T. E. Lawrence, " published on March 19, 2010, on this website.

(3) Sykes--Picot Accord has been the fundamental factor in keeping the Arab World and its people divided and weak and unable to find a solution for their manufactured disunity.For more depth on this accord, which was established secretly between Great Britain and France, in 1916--1917, could be found in an essay entitled, " Balfour Declaration And Sykes--Picot Accord are Roots Of Violence / Wars In Middle East, " published on July 13, 2014, on this website.

There are other reasons, which have to do with Arab political leaders who have failed to overcome their differences and, which, in turn, have made their Arab League ineffective and almost useless organization. But the main reasons remain those that have been cited above.

At any rate, Ms. Margot Wellstrom and the Swedish government, which she represents as its Foreign Minister, do deserve the admiration of every self--respecting human being, who strives for justice for the Palestinians. Wellstrom and her Swedish government have a profound understanding of the root causes that hocked the Middle East to such endless violence and endless wars. The Palestinians leaders and the leaders of the Arab world must reciprocate in kind. One way to do so is to provide Sweden preferences in trade, like importing Swedish products for their needs. For example, Swedish manufactured cars, such as Saab Models are reliable and of high quality and performance. So are the Volvo Models and Scania Models.I am not trying to advertise for these models of Swedish cars, but felt that the least I could do was to suggest something constructive to express my profound appreciation for the Swedish diplomatic honesty, courage and straightforwardness. And I am not a Palestinian.

Final Words:
As the United States of America has emerged as the super power which has replaced Britain and France were in the 20th century, Zionism has moved its main public relations and political activities from Britain to the U.S.A. and gradually has succeeded in controlling what policy and eventually what legislation the American Congress should adopt towards the Middle East. With very few honest and independent congress persons, the vast majority of members of U.S.Congress has become subservient to what the Israel's Lobby, ( meaning Israel's political pressure groups ), dictates, to the self--serving congress men and women, what actions they must do when any issue concerning the Middle East comes up, for discussion, in the halls of congress.

When one witnesses how the members of Congress gave more standing ovations to the speeches addressed to them by the Prime Ministers of Israel than the numbers of standing ovations they had given to speeches,addressed to them by their own Presidents, one may not avoid not getting sad. In fact very sad, indeed. The difference between the honesty of the Swedish political leaders and their self-serving American counter-parts is like the difference between enlightenment and darkness, honesty and crookedness, courage and cowardice.

Humanity needs more Swedish honesty, Swedish courage and Swedish straightforwardness of the Wellstomish type in order to put an end to all violence and wars, not only in the Middle East, but across the globe.


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