Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quotations From The Answer To Question (23) Of The " 100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible " By Stephen M. Miller.

By Sodium

Re-citing Question (23):
" How could Moses have spent forty years in the desolate badlands on the border between what is now Israel and Egypt, with 2 to 3 million refugees ?  That's a bit like Chicago in Death Valley.

Stephen Miller starts his answer, to the question quoted above, by asking an additional question: " What to believe, Math, ( Mathematics ), or miracles  " Then, he offers the following selected quotations as part of his integrated answer:

Quotation One:
" Here the Bible math: "There were about six hundred thousand men on foot, plus all the women and children "  ( Exodus 12:37 ) "

Quotation Two:
" To be exact: " The grand total of men who were at least 20 years old and eligible for military duty was 603,5550 " ( Numbers 1:45--46 ). "

Quotation Three:
" Let say  that on average there was one woman for every man and two kids for every couple--in a day when couples often had many more kids than that. Total about 2.5 million soul. That's roughly the population of Chicago, the third most populated city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. "

Quotation Four:
" Let's say they crossed through the path God made for them in the sea and they walked nearly shoulder to shoulder in lines 100 yards wide. The back line would have been about 20 miles behind the front line.. "

Quotation Five:
" After the crossing, the Bible says these refugees spent forty years in the barren Sinai badland--- a Mars-like deathtrap with little water and not much green to sink their teeth into. "

Although Miller included, in his integrated answer, what some Bible experts and scholars attempted to find some sensible and rational explanations to what the Bible said, they, at the end, admitted they really had no idea how God could have pulled it out with such huge numbers of people lost in the bad land lands of Sinai.

Final Words:
Anyone who adheres firmly to what is written in the Bible, Stephen Miller's analysis, as presented in the above quotations, is not for him.or her. He or she should search some places else for a rational answer that might have been compatible with their belief


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