Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Notes On Israel's Unhelpful Recent Behavior

By Sodium

It seems to me that the current Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an arrogant talent that is neither compatible with the spirit of good international behavior, nor is it compatible with what really good for the Israeli people in the long-run. As a person who has spent practically a large segment of his adult life advocating peace in that troubled region of the globe, I truly regret the unwise and unhelpful behavior of the Netanyahu's government. Although any veteran observer of the Middle East scene can cite several obstacles created intentionally or un-intentionally by the current Israeli government, this essay will concentrate on only two issues that the Netanyahu's government has failed so miserably in handling:

Refusal to attend the recent meeting for the NON-POLIFERATON of nuclear weapons called for recently by President Obama, the end result of which might have been a new Middle East, FREE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS, including Iran was not serving the best interest of Israel's security in the long-run, let alone the road for a just peaceful Middle East. I regret the fact that I am compelled to pass judgment on such a detrimental behavior and call it arrogant practiced by a bunch of Israeli politicians who could not see further than the tips of their noses. Reasons:

~ Israel security lies NOT in its Nuclear weapons. In fact, the estimated 200 atomic bombs Israel has, should be considered a burden on its own internal security. The proof of what I am saying, here, is the catastrophic nuclear leak/accident that took place in Chernobyl, Russia, displacing more than 300,000 ( three hundred thousand )people, annihilating all forms of life, plants and animals, leaving behind incredible devastated Chernobyl for untold years to come. Some radiation has reached neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Belarus. There is no assurance that a similar accident would not happen in Israel or other countries having nuclear reactors or nuclear weapons. The difference between Israel and other countries with nuclear facilities, Israel is a small tiny little country while the other members of the nuclear club are much larger area-wise. Hence, the devastation in Israel would be unbearable. De-population of Israel will be inevitable. Hence, the result is clearly; that would be the demise of the whole Zionist project

~ Neither Israel's long-term security lies in its total dependence on the U.S., militarily and financially, since America has changed drastically from a CREDITOR nation to DEBTOR one. The foreign debt of the U.S. has reached unprecedented level. Some economists have predicted that the U.S. would never be able to pay back its foreign debt. In such kind of circumstances, who in his or her right mind expects the U.S.to keep giving away billions of dollars to Israel, Egypt etc...?  No way. The sooner Israel and other countries realize what is coming, the better for everyone involved. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas said publicly on the floor of the U. S House of Representatives: " We are broke. "

~ Israel security lies NOT in terrorizing the Palestinians, Lebanese and the rest of the Arab world, by its almost untamed and unleashed American powers of all sort, military, diplomatic and political powers in the world stage. The more it brutalizes the Palestinians, the more extreme militants it creates for future vengeance. And the sweep of history is neutral. Today, Israel has the upper-hand. Thanks to the American powers. But, who is foolish enough to guarantee that this Israel's military supremacy will last forever? Human history tells us that powerful empires were reduced to ashes by other newly founded by strong and determined men and women to conquer the world. In short, the cycle of human history is profoundly telling

Question: where then Israel's security lies?

Israel's security lies in the hearts and minds of the people of the Arab world whose population exceeds the three hundred million, ( 300,000,000 million ), backed by additional 1.5 billion non-Arab Muslims. That is about a total of 1.6 billion. Yes, you read it right, BILLION. Unfortunately, Israel has failed so miserably in realizing this extremely important point for its long-haul security needs. It seems that the Israeli leadership has unlimited capacity for thinking of only short-haul security needs, which are essentially based on the sorrow of the military might that certainly cannot be sustained forever. Human history attests to that: from the Babylonian warrior, Nabukhednazzer, to Alexander the Great, to the Persian, Roman and Arab empires, to Gengiz Khan, to the Crusaders who built city-states in the Middle East that lasted for about 200 years, to Saladin, (or Salh El-Deen,in Arabic), who finally succeeded in defeating the Crusaders in the great battle of "Hitteen" to mark the beginning of the end for the Crusaders presence in the Middle East, to the Ottoman empire, to British and French colonial rule, as one of the worst diplomatic treachery resulting from World War One, and finally the treachery reached its culminating apex in the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, after World War Two. Israel needs not to be kicked out like the Crusaders, if it just finds its way in dealing with the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world appropriately. Arabs and Jews lived peacefully with one and another for centuries. And certainly can do so again, if they are left alone to weed out their differences.

Militarily attacking ships, mainly Turkish ships, loaded with humanitarian aids such as foods and medicines for the 1.5 million Palestinian people in Gaze, who have been sieged and blockaded for the last three years by the Israeli arm forces is not going to help any party, including Israel. The ships were cruising in international water when they were attacked by the Israeli military,  killing 9 humanitarian activists and wounding undisclosed number. Israel, in this case not only violated well established international laws by blockading Gaza, but with this attack has also demonstrated that it has no respect for human lives and acted as a bunch of barbarian pirate thugs and should be held accountable and must be investigated properly and punished justly according to international laws of the seas.

A nation that is acting as a bully does not want to live in peace in its vast surrounding of Arab neighborhood, but it seems to want to send a message to the Arab world that it is the bully boss in the neighborhood, in spite of the fact that it is really in an Arab neighborhood. Unless Israel starts learning how to walk humbly with its enemy in order to achieve genuine peace, the cycle of violence and possibly regional wars, unfortunately for the people of the region and the world, will be the rule, not the exception.

I do hope that the Arab people will continue exhibiting patience with Israel s' bellicose and belligerent behaviors, lest a regional war erupts, which would be a disaster to all the people of the region and, most likely, the rest of the world, because of global dependency, especially in energy resources..




  1. I am afraid Sodium that when one considers the destructive military arsenal that the U.S. and Israel possess, the power as to the number of people that are Arabs and non-Arab Muslims diminishes considerably. Drones can annihilate people quickly and cause not only destruction but break the spirit of a country that is being attacked. Nuclear weapons also. If certain countries could attack in such a manner and not be condemned by the world they would do so. Patience does not achieve much in this situation. The sense of insecurity and paranoia that was/is the result of the Holocaust has led us to this precipice of total annihilation for the entire mideast and perhaps the world. Hopefully, more understanding will come about.

  2. elisa,

    Israel cannot use its nuclear arsenal against its neighbors like Syria,for example,or Lebanon,or Jordan,or Egypt unless the Israeli leadership decides to apply the "Samson Option",meaning as Samson declared in the Philistine temple of his enemy: "On me and on my enemy,O' my Lord",and with his enormous strength,he destroyed the temple on his head and the heads of his enemy. In this case,the destruction would become total on both sides. I hope the Israelis will wise up and find a constructive way to get along with their Arab neighbors before it is too late,if it is not already too late.

    As to the the destructive power of the Drones,a determined people to prevail at the very end,can absorb all that destructive powerfrom the air,as long as they resist and defeat a land envasion by their enemy. That what took place in July of 2006 war between Israel and Hesballah(Party of God in Southern Lebanon). The Israeli airforce practically destroyed completely the infrastructures of Lebanon. But because the rag tag militia of Hesballah kept the Israeli ground forces at bay and in fact defeated them,all military and political analysts accounts,with the exception of the Israeli analysts,gave the upper hand to Hesballah. In other words,Hesballah was considered the winer of that war.

    Yes,Lebanon paid a high price,but its land and sovereignty remained intact. In the last four years,Lebanon has built what the Israelis had destroyed.

    The Israelis have yet to realize that they exist in an Arab neighborhood and their security in the long-run does not depend on the American taxpayers,but upon their ability to win the hearts and minds of the people of the Arab world.

    If one takes into consideration the fact that the U.S.is in economic decline,the picture does not really look good for Israel in the LONG-RUN.
    How long the U.S. can sustain paying,at least, three billion dollars each year to Israel and another 2.5 billion to Egypt,while there are 37 million Americans go to bed hungry every night because of lack of government funds to alleviate the hunger?? Add to that our health care crisis where 45 million American have no insurance whatsoever. At the top of that,our foreign debt has reached unprecedented level in the whole history of the United States. As Ron Paul,Congressman from Texas,said publiclly daclared that,and I quote "We Are Broke". We are,indeed.