Sunday, January 23, 2011

(8) The Language Of The Qur'an.

By Sodium

As it is well known, that the language of the Qur'an is the Arabic language. What is unknown to a large number of people, world wide, that the written Arabic language of the Qur'an is so beautifully mesmerizing as it is chanted by a beautiful voice. Because of this fact, one may encounter a problem in deciding whether or not to consider the language of the Qur'an as classical Arabic, or may be just some form of rhythmic poetry or may be just a beautiful Arabic prose.

Although lengthy discussions can be initiated and facilitated by various and different opinions by those who, as the writer of this article, are fascinated by the beauty of the language in which the Holy Qur'an is written, there is no need to burden those who wish to learn the fundamentals about Islam, for the sole purpose of enhancing their common and broad knowledge. But to give the possible conclusions that one may reach after reviewing the lengthy discussions about the written language of the Qur'an, it is prudent and wise to simply remember the following conclusions reached by the writer of this essay:

~ The written Language of the Holy Qur'an is NOT classical Arabic.

~ The written language of the Holy Qur'an is NOT Arabic poetry.

~ The written language of the Holy Qur'an is NOT Arabic prose.

~ The written language of the Holy Qur'an IS QUR'ANIC ARABIC, meaning: no other forms of the Arabic language and its various and great literatures fit to frame the written language of the Holy Qur'an in any one of them.

Please note that the writer of this essay used the world "Holy" repeatedly in the foregoing. That has been done deliberately for support in making the following comments:

* Moses had changed part of the Red Sea into land to save his people from slaughter. That was a miracle made by Moses.

* Jesus Christ had made the blind see, had healed people with leprosy and even revived Lazarus from his death. These are miracles made by Jesus Christ..

* The Prophet Muhammad had not done miracles similar to what Jesus and Moses did. But Muhammad's miracle is, indeed, the fascinating Qur'an whose language is mesmerizing when it is chanted collectively by a group of prayers, or singularly by an Imam or Mua'zen like Bilal, first Mua'zen in Islam. Because of that and all of the above outline, the use of the word " Holy " in describing the Qur'an has become fully and fairly justified, since the written language of the Qur'an sounds so divine.

If the reader who reads this article remembers the foregoing outline about the written language of the Qur'an, he or she would achieve a degree of enlightenment that others lacked.

One more point to remember is the following important point:

In the opinion of the writer of this essay, the written QUR'ANIC ARABIC IS UN-TRANSLATABLE, in spite of the fact it has already been translated into so many languages. In order to understand the essence of Islam CORRECTLY, profound knowledge of the Arabic language is an empirical pre-requisite. There is no other way out of this pre-requisite. Period.


  1. The author of the above essay could not be agnostic.

    I understand how chant can be mesmerising, Gregorian chant, part of my childhood, can also enchant and touch your very core.


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  5. As mentioned before Sodium, fate has stepped in and altered my life and that of my family. My faith is intact for I know that much of our misery is self inflicted, indirectly of course and much of it in a collective manner. Tao Walker has it right as to life and our relationship to the earth.
    My heart goes out to all Muslims and the terrible injustices inflicted upon them.I enjoy your columns which of course set matters straight. It is important to keep mind and body active as we age, this you are doing. Hopefully, your health problems will improve or as least not become more of a problem.


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  9. Anonymous wrote:

    "The author of the above essay could not be agnostic."

    The author of the essay asks: Why not?