Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Netanyahu's Apology To Turkey.

By Sodium

A Very  Brief Background:
In the year 2010, a Turkish ship by the name of Miva Marmara was laden with humanitarian aid for the besieged people of Gaza. Israel had declared the embargo against Gaza because of a Palestinian  organization called Hamas which believed that Israel was created in 1948 by force of arms and through the influence of colonial powers and against the consent of the Palestian people who made the vast majority of the population of Palestine then. Israel's embargo against Gaza began in 2005 and the people of Gaza have been suffering ever since for lack of essentials to make human life possible. Millions upon millions of people across the globe have expressed disapproval of the embargo because Israel has committed an act of collective punishment, since Hamas is not all the people of Gaza. What has made the siruation in Gaza even worse was the 32 day war Israel had waged against Gaza in late December of 2008.

Under such a background, Miva Marmara was part of a total of six ships, all carrying humanitarian aids to Gaza, when they were attacked in the HIGH SEA OF THE MEDITERRANEAN. The Israeli piracy had succeeded in siezing all the ships to an Israeli seaport called Ashdood. All ships and peace activists were held there for a while and then they were released through international diplomatic negotiations.

As a result of this act of piracy, eight Turkish citizens and one American citizen were killed. Turkey demanded an apology from Israel plus compensation, but Israel gave only sugar-coated words but no apology. Turkey severed diplomatic relationship with Israel and cancelled its planned military excersices with the military of Israel. Tension between them mounted. Attempts were made to amend the two countries relations but no avail, because the Turkish demand was so strong and Israel would not apologize and give only empty regret. This has been going on since May of 2010 until March of 2013 when Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel apologized to Rajab Tayib Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey. Also,Israel agreed to the other two coditions of Turkey: (a) pay compensation, (b) ease the embargo on Gaza.

The Way President Obama Operates:
It needs no brainer to say that all that has happened has been within a frame of coordination of American policy for the whole Middle East region. One may observe that Netanyahu has made his apology known publiclly while President Obama was enjoying himself in the fascinating antiquity of the city of Petra, in Jordan. That's the way President Obama operates: he initiates and facilitates and then he watches the results of his initiations and facilitations from afar. He had done similar approach in the beginning of the Libyan Revolution. He initieted and facilitated the original air attack against the militia/army of Muamar Al-Qadafi, the late ruler of Libya and then handed the rest of the air attack to America's allies in the North Atlantic Organization, watching the fruits of his initiation and facilitation from afar-a sign of an extremely intelligent politician.

Troubling Questions That Must be Raised:
There are many questions to be raised. But the most pressing to ask, at this point in time, are three . Each one of them will be pointed out according to its plausibility to ask, in the first place.

The first question that must be asked is a BIG BIG: " WHY NOW ? "

Netanyahu clams that the reason he apologized was due to what is going on in Syria. I personally do not think such a claim is plausibla,since what was going on in Syria had/has been going on for the last two years. Most likely, the answer to the big question," why now ? " has to do with the BLUE PRINT OF HE AMERICAN PLAN FOR THE WHOLE MIDDLE EAST REGION WHICH HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED UNTIL PRESIDENT OBAMA ANNOUNCED HIS TRIP TO ISRAEL.

Whatever the American blue print for the Middle Eeast is, it is going to be in Israel's favor. That is for certain. The " THINK TANKS " organizations in Washington DC area will not have it in any other way.

Perhaps,another important question to ask is: knowing the arrogance of Netanyahue and fellow hard core Zionists, would he has apologized before extracting a high price from Obama ?
 Just a question.

Perhaps,a third question one must ask is: did Obama extract a price from Netanyahu, in return ?

I wonder who is going to be the real short term loser, as the American blue print accomplishes its objective !

 Just wonder ! 

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