Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Real Reasons Behind The Destruction of Iraq In 2003.

By Sodium

Anyone who thinks that there is no relationship amongst Israel, big oil interest and the two wars that were waged by the two Presidents whose last names were Bush is naive. In fact, very naive. In this essay, I shall reveal the real reasons that connect certain factors that have a great deal to do with the destruction of Iraq, as a functioning human society. These factors are:  Israel interest, big oil interest and warmongering neoconservatives in America.. I shall concentrate on the reasons for the war of 2003, since the war of the early 1990's, under President Bush Senior requires a different analysis.

Most, if not all, the American neoconservatives who pushed very hard for the war of 2003 against Iraq were, ( and still are ), strong supporters of Israel, regardless what crimes Israel commits in violation of International Laws, United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Because of their passionate attachment to the State of Israel, some American writers called them " Israel Firsters ". In his FAREWELL SPEECH, President George Washington, the first president of the United States, has warned the American people against the PASSIONATE ATTACHMENT TO ANY OTHER COUNTRY. You need not take my word here, just Google it on the Internet and see for yourself and reach your own conclusion, as to what the "Israel Firsters" of the neoconservatives crowd have been doing in the United States. Since they feel so passionately strong about Israel, why do they not migrate to their beloved Israel and live permanently there and leave the United States alone to mend its own policy for the Middle East, as it sees appropriate ?

The " Israel Firsters " know how to play the political game very well, and within the legal limits of the land known as the United States of America. That does not mean that deception, fabrications, distortions, misinformation and sophisticated lies are absent from their activities, whether such activities are conducted in both houses, ( Senate and House of Representatives ), of the United States Congress or in the Executive Branch of the United States government or in mainstream media, not only in the United States but world wide, or even in some Christian churches run by Right Wing Evangelicals.

In 1995, The late Senator Jessey Helms was the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate. In his defense of the huge amount of aid allocated to Israel he bluntly stated that if Israel did not exist, it had to be invented. I ask: had to be invented for what, Senator ? The answer is complex and lengthy one, but it certainly well known to any serious student of  the Middle East political affairs and history of the colonial powers in that part of the world.

After the Iraq-Iran war, which lasted from 1980-1988, Iraq had become the role model for the rest of the Arab countries to emulate, in most fields of human endeavors, ranging from genuine political independence to emancipation of women to elimination of illiteracy to the best and free health care system in the Middle East to free education from kinder garden through colleges and universities to the superb dedication of the Iraqi elites and professionals for the advancement of Iraq, as a sovereign identity, capable of  keeping Iran and its regional ambitions in constant check. All of that meant that Iraq had become more powerful than its actual size. Such developments were totally incompatible with the agenda of " Israel Firsters " and big oil interest. The " Israel Firsters " wanted their beloved Israel to continue having a monopolistic hegemony on the whole Middle East through the old state of military equilibrium, favoring Israel, at all cost to the American taxpayers. Iraq had become a real regional power, especially after ending-up having the upper hand in the eight-year war with Iran. The big oil interest, represented then by Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush, wanted to control the FLOW of oil of the Middle East to the rest of the world, which, in reality, would mean dictating policies, as they saw fitting, to the rest of the world. In short, Saddam Iraq had become a real challenge to their plans. And Saddam Hussein had made a deadly miscalculation after his meeting with Miss or Mrs. April  Gallispee, the American Ambassador to Iraq , in the early 1990's, a few days before he invaded Kuwait.  In order to comprehend fully what had happened in the conversation which took place, in that fateful meeting, between April and Saddam, it is highly recommended to read the text of the conversation on the Internet. I had read it on the Internet, after the American First Gulf War of  the early 1990's. You may be able to find it, if it was not deleted.

After the total destruction of Iraq by the United States mighty military power and American troops were seen all over Iraq as the tangible military occupiers, TWO FACTS emerged:

FACT ONE: The real power, after the early 1990's American war against Iraq, the real or rather hidden and intangible power, has become Iran in Iraq, through its political puppets, not the United States of America whose troops actually were occupying Iraq. In other words, Iran was actually occupying Iraq by American troops. To comprehend this apparently incomprehensible situation one should understand first what the fools of 2003, in Washington DC, have created in Iraq, plus that one must have profound knowledge not only about the extremely complex structure of the Iraqi society, but also how Iran operates in Iraq through its loyal puppets.

FACT TWO: As American troops have finally been withdrawn from Iraq, the Iranian political hegemony in Iraq has become no longer hidden but glaring and arrogant to the point of having the final say who should be the Prime Minister of Iraq. In short, what the American destruction of Iraq has done, as a functioning human society, is presenting Iraq, its people and its wealth to Iran, not on a plate of silver, but on a plate of pure gold Iran has never dreamed of having in its wildest dreams, especially under Saddam Hussein and his dedicated supporters in the Ba'ath Party, inside Iraq, and across the Arab world. 

It is so important to point out those two facts because they have become an integral part of what has happened to Iraq during its total destruction and afterward. In other words, those two facts have become an important segment of the American neoconservatives' blunder that has produced the loss of Iraq to Iran, let alone the seemingly un-ending human tragedy in Iraq.

Based on all the foregoing, one may conclude that the intricately connected events and reasons amongst Israeli interest, big oil interest, the warmongering neoconservatives and the wars against Iraq were and are, indeed, profound.


  1. An excellent essay,Sodium. Could not agree more. You really hit the score here.

    Although I know from your writings that you are an agnostic,but I am going to say it: may God bless you and bless your good work.

  2. Mo,

    It seems to me that the more you read my posts,the more you appriciate what I write these days. What a difference between your comments to me in the past and your comments these days. A big difference for the better.

    I have appreciated your kind words. Thank you.

  3. Sodium,If I have ever insulted you in the slightest way,I apologize. I admit now that I had misinterpreted some of the content of your posts.

    Again,my apology for my negative comments written in unguarded moment in the past.

  4. Mo,

    You owe me no apology, since you really have never insulted me. Yes,there were disagreements between your way of thinking and mine. To disagree constructively is healthy for the minds

    Therefore, I cannot accept your apology for something you really have not done. At the same time, I do appreciate your thoughtfullness. Thank you for that.

  5. Richard The Lion HeartMarch 24, 2013 at 5:35 PM

    Hey Sodium:You sound,here,like defending the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. Why do you not come forward with your usual transparencycy and say so?

    Come on,Sodium,do it.

  6. To: Richard The Lion Heart,

    My screen name is Sodium, not " Hey Sodium ". How about addressing me with Sodium without the " Hey ".

    If you continue this kind of uncalled for arrogance, I shall refrain from responding to your questions or comments.

    No, I was not " defending the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein." I have outlined what I have called the " Real Resasons For the destruction of Iraq ", based on my countless business trips to Iraq in 1970's and 1980's on behalf of a multi-national American corporation and based on what I have known about the agenda and the way the neoconservatives operate in the United States.

    If my intent was to defend "the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein", as you have put,I would have said so,whether you like it or not.

    Grow up.....