Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Exponents In Sufism.

By Sodium

As I reviewed the statistical feedback, provided by Google, with regards to readership of this website, world wide, some readers wanted to know the names of two exponents in Sufism. Well, I can provide them with the names of three exponents who are most known in the West, perhaps due to the fact that some of their Sufi writings were translated to other languages. However, I must say, here, that each era, or rather each generation, or even each century has its own of exponents in Sufism. This fact must be kept in mind before and after naming the three exponents in Sufism.

The names of the three exponents in Sufism are:

~  Muhyi  el-Deen  ibn  Arabi. For short, he is called just ibn  Arabi.

~  Jalal  el-Deen  Rumi. For short, he is called just Rumi.

~  Imam  Abu  Hamid  Muhammad  al-Ghazali. For short, he is called just al-Ghazali.

Please notice that in some published and translated literatures, the word " Deen " is written as " Din ", but I personally think that the correct spelling that corresponds to the Arabic pronouncement is " Deen ", not " Din ".

In order to remember the names of those three exponents in Sufism, try to remember their last names such as:

~  ibn  Arabi.

~  Rumi.

~  al-Ghazali.

Good luck......



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