Sunday, April 14, 2013

John Kerry's Recent Diplomatic Call Is Constructive.

By Sodium

John Kerry, Secretary of State, ( Foreign Minister ), of the United States of America had traveled lately to China, South Korea and Japan, trying to ease the potentially dangerous situation in the Korean peninsula. As he had finalized his trip in Japan, he had called to make the whole Korean peninsula a free zone of nuclear weapons.

To describe Kerry's diplomatic call as constructive is really an understatement. On the contrary, it is a quantum leap in the right direction, if followed by convincing and positive steps in the same direction. not only in the Korean peninsula, but also in the Middle East and the rest of the world. How ?

(1) Meet directly with his counterpart of North Korea. To accomplish that end, China's diplomatic assistance is imperative. Without it, nothing will be accomplished.
(2) Call also for a free Middle East from nuclear weapons. Such a call must be followed by concrete steps. The cooperation of both Iran and Israel is a must.
(3) In his first term, as president of the USA, President Obama convened an international conference for discussing the possibility of freeing the world from nuclear weapons. John Kerry can build his diplomatic efforts upon his boss' good intent that has been forgotten. Both North Korea and Iran must not be excluded from any future conferences for that end.
(4) All possible or probable future conferences on eliminating all nuclear weapons that are currently in existence in the world must be held through the good offices of the United Nations.

Of course, without a genuine move by all the countries which already possess nuclear weapons, namely, USA, Russia, France, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan and Israel, the human kind may end-up in a horrible Armageddon that makes life on Mother Earth a thing of the past: DEAD.....


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