Friday, June 28, 2013

I Am Encountering Difficulties: Keeping a New Post Published

Dear Readers,

In the last 24 hours I wrote a new review entitled, (5) Islam Meets Eastern Christianity, twice and most of it was deleted or disappeared. Yesterday it was published okay, but an our later most of it was deleted or disappeared. I cannot continue wasting my time in my attempts to help the readers of this site as much as I possibly can and at the end nothing accomplished. I certainly can use my time productively doing some other options available to me.

I have started having suspicion that some one at Google is doing it on purpose.

If you do not see another review, essay, or note from me, DO NOT think I have abandoned you. I will never do such a thing. Blame Google and the people who run Google. Period.



  1. Sodium: I have no way available to me to get a copy of the book, (A World Without Islam) and I have to rely on the reviews you have been spending your time on, out of the purity of your good heart. Please, try one more time in posting the next topic and see whether or not it is going to be published or be deleted or disappeared.

    The problem could have been purely technical and Google could do nothing about.

  2. I share Mo's opinion: yes, the problem might have been beyond control. Such problems do occur once in a while. I hope Sodium will consider trying posting the next topic just once more and see what would happen.

  3. I have obtained a copy of the book. I have covered reading almost half of the book. While reading, I took notes and compared them with Sodium's reviews. I must say that his reviews, so far, have hit the score. It is a shame, if he discontinues publishing the rest of the reviews.

    Of course, it is up to Sodium to decide whether he should try posting once more or not; just to see what would happen. I only can hope that he will continue posting the rest of the reviews without frustrating hindrances.

  4. To: Mo, Warren and Estifan,

    Okay Fellows, I will not disappoint you. Therefore, I will try, one more time, posting topic (5) Islam Meets Eastern Christianity. If no deletion or disappearance of what I post re-occurs, I shall continue posting the rest of the topics of the reviews. If similar hindrances encountered in future postings, I have to reconsider this commitment I have just made to you; and then decide accordingly.

    At any rate, thank you for your comments and thank you for your interest in the topics of the reviews.