Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Note To The Readers Of This Website.

Dear Readers,

Some of my friends of old had contacted me and expressed their displeasure for interrupting the plan I had already set for reviewing, in more depth, the book entitled, " A World Without Islam."

Since some of good old time friends displeased over my interruption of the plan, most likely there were/are other readers who might also shared their displeasure over the interruption. Hence, this note is being addressed to all the readers of this website, world wide, to explain the real reason behind the interruption.

To make a long story short, I must inform you all that the real reason was the Foolish Israeli Airstrike committed by Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel and his right-winged advisors, against certain Syrian facilities near Damascus, the Syrian Capital. Such an action just poured more fuel to an already flammable situation in Syria. Strategically, Netanyahu has accomplished nothing, since Syria is getting now the most advanced Russian Missiles-300 which can take care of his future airstrikes against Syria. Because of such an intervention, characterized by arrogance and bellicosity, I felt that the real character of Netanyahu should be exposed, at least to the readers of this website. Characters like Netanyahu, ( and there are many of them in this world ), have made peace almost impossible in the Middle East, and most likely in the rest of the world.

After the foolish Israel's airstrike against Syria came the scene, on the internet, of a fighter who opened the chest of a dead Syrian soldier and pulled the dead soldier's heart and ate it. How could I overlook such a barbarity and let it pass without rejecting it totally and completely, as a self-respecting human being ?  I simply could not overlook and let it pass.   

At any rate, my apology to those readers who were looking to read, without interruption, the rest of the topics in the series of the review of " A World Without Islam. "  I shall attempt not to interrupt again the plan that has already been set. .


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