Saturday, October 4, 2014

On Eid Al-Adha Holiday: Still Arabs Are Killing Arabs And Muslims Are Killing Muslims.

By Sodium

I have been reluctant even to touch, in a remote way, Eid Al-Adha and I have felt that as much as I want to wish my Muslim friends and readers good wishes for the Eid, it may sound shallow and meaningless, when I examine the map of the globe and see Arabs are killing Arabs and Muslims are killing Muslims. At the top of all that, not a single house has been rebuilt in Gaza after the Ziofascists of Israel had committed war crimes, in their hatred and barbarity and destroyed it almost totally and completely. Although I do feel that Israel must be forced by the international community to rebuild what it has destroyed and pay compensation to every Gazan civilian it murdered or injured, ( either pay or we will de-legitimize you ), I do blame as much the wealthy Arabs and Muslims for lack of compassion for Gaza and its suffering people.

Under such enormous human sufferings and tragedies, would my best wishes make any difference ? I think my wishes would have sounded superficial and empty. Hence, I refrain from offering my best wishes, at this time. I do hope to offer them on the next Eid, providing the killings stopped and rebuilding Gaza materialized.


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