Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why Describing The Hard Core Zionists As Ziofascists ?

By Sodium

Although I have recently provided an explanation, in the comment section of this website, as to " why " I have started calling the hard core Zionists in Israel as Ziofascists ? " I will provide, in this essay, more reasons to the " why. "  In other words, there are several justifications that are telling that they deserve such a negative description. I do so in response to some of my close friends who contacted me and expressed their displeasure in my reverting to name calling, because of what the Israeli Zionists had done to the civilian population of Gaza, during the July-August War of 2014. My good friends have held the view that two wrongs do not make the situation in Gaza right. Although I have explained to my good friends the reasons, I feel that it is incumbent upon me to recite those reasons to all readers of this website, just in case they might have held similar views to my friends views. I will not burden the readers with all the reasons known to me for many years, but will provide the interested readers with the following reasons I do consider paramount:

(1) An Italian academic thinker, by the name of Umberto Eco, is considered an expert on fascism. He has provided detailed descriptions of fascism and called them the " Eternal Features " of fascism. Those " Eternal Features " of  fascism comprised 14 features. In order for a country or society to turn fascist, it takes only one feature of the 14 features to start the road to fascism, since other features of the 14 features eventually COAGULATE around it to end-up with a full-pledged fascist country or fascist society. The apartheid nature of Israel, as a country and society, fits Umberto Eco's descriptions. Any reader who is interested in reading Eco's " Eternal Features " of  fascism can do so by Googling the following words or something similar to the following words:

Umberto Eco's " Eternal Features " of  Fascism.

(2) When the vast majority of the Israeli Zionists supports the criminal war of July-August of 2014,
 conducted by their government whose members are mostly radical right wingers, the whole country and society have already been engulfed by fascist behaviors.

(3) When some academic Israeli elites recommend to the Israeli soldiers to rape Palestinian women, as a weapon of war, the fascist and criminal tendencies have already overwhelmed the fabric of the Israeli society, especially when a university administration defends such a recommendation, instead of firing the academic who has made the recommendation, in the first place, or at least dismiss it as incompatible with the university policy.

(4)  When the Israeli military murdered, in cold blood, Palestinian children who were playing on one of the Gaza beaches, during the criminal war of July-August of 2014, fascism had already ruled the mental capacity of the vast majority of the people in the Zionist societies of Israel.. Some Zionist Rabbis had called for the complete destruction of Gaza and its entire population, during the war of July-August of 2014. A genocide call ?  You can bet it is !
(5) The hard core Zionists, in the U.S.A, have called the Muslims as Islamofascists and Islam as Islamofascisim. Such rude and racist calling of Muslims and Islam have been going on for at least a decade. Although those Zionists who called Muslims and Islam by such ugly and rude name callings, were well known to me for many years, I had refrained from calling them Ziofascists, ( Zionist-Fascists ), until I witnessed, on the Internet, what they had done to the civilian population of Gaza, especially to women and children and disabled old people, during Benjamin Netanyahu 's criminal war of July-August War of 2014 against Gaza. That is when I could no longer refrain from calling them Ziofascists.

Final Words:
If these reasons, as listed above, are not good enough reasons to call the hard core Zionists of Israel and elsewhere, who support them, as Ziofascists, I simply do not know what else would be good enough.



  1. Sodium: I think that you have been too patient with the right wingers of Zionism, It is about time that you have started calling them a bunch of fascists because that is precisely what they are. I am sorry that some people cannot see the obvious and call a spade a spade. It seems to me that the word, Ziofascists fits well in describing who they really are. Thanks for a job well done.

    1. Anonymous, I could not have said it better. Thanks to you and thanks to Sodium for, as you put it, " calling a spade a spade. "

  2. To: Anonymous,

    I must admit that I am impressed by your comments in which you have considered my description of the hard core Zionists, words and deeds, as Ziofascist is merely nothing more than calling simply calling a spade a spade. Your choice of words is excellent. I have enjoyed reading it. And much appreciated it. Thanks.

  3. To: Mo,

    I could not agree more with the content of your comment, addressed to Anonymous, especially your reference to and emphasis on the operative words, " a spade is a spade. "

    And thank you for your support.