Monday, January 26, 2015

Interesting Books.

By Sodium

Since the major book store in the U.S.A. has informed me, more than 10 months ago, that the book titled " Ibn Al-Haytham: First Scientist " is out of print, I have been trying to find a copy to read and possibly write a review about it and share it with the readers of this website. I finally have succeeded in obtaining a copy of the book through the Internet, but in the process of searching for the Ibin Al-Haytham's book, I came across the following interesting books:

~   The Genious of Islam By Bryan Barnard.
~   The House Of Wisdom By Jonathan Lyons.
~   Muslims In American History By Jerald F. Dirks.
~   Lost History By Michael Hamilton Morgan.
~   Wisdom Of The Native Americans. ( Known outside the United States as The American Indians )
~   The Ultimate Book Of Imposters By Ian Graham.
~   The Book of Random Oddities, Publisher: Publication International, Ltd.
~   The Missing Books Of The Bible, Volume I, Publisher: Media Solution Services.
~   The Origin Of The Bible By F.F. Bruce, J. I. Packer, Philip Comfort and Carl F. H. Henry.
~   !00 Tough Questions About God And The Bible By Stephen M. Miller.

I have already purchased all of the books listed above. Some of them were purchased as second-hand, meaning as already used books and some of them were purchased new. I have purchased them out of sheer curiosity. The most provocative book among them all is the one titled, " 100 Tough Questions About God And The Bible " by Stephen Miller.

Whether or not I may publish a review about every one of the book listed above is really an open question. I just do not know, at this time. It all depends on the total content of each book and on the availability of time and on my own health circumstances. However, I must admit, at this point in time, that I am very much interested in reading carefully the most provocative book in the above list--meaning the book by Stephen Miller: " 100 Tough Questions About God And The Bible. "

Final Words:
To those readers who love reading good books, it will be worthy of their time to read all the above books and it will be worthy of their money to purchase them, as well, if they can afford it, so that they may wish to have them as an integral part of their home libraries..

I have not read any of them from cover to cover, but I read few pages of everyone of them before I decided to purchase them.. Hence, this recommendation is simply based upon the pages I have already read of each book. I have been impressed by the content of the pages I have read. Otherwise, I would not have purchased everyone of them.



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