Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Author Who Has Suggested To Think Of Him As " Switzerland . "

By Sodium

Perhaps, this is one of the shortest blogs I have written for publishing on this website. And it has to do with a daring author who has truly written critical questions concerning God and the Bible-both, The Old Testament and The New Testament. I have just finished reading his book titled, " 100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible. " And I must admit that I am highly impressed by his critical daring in thoughts and ability to express them in simple English.

Some of the readers of his book may consider his book as too provocative. Others may accuse him of being an atheist who want to condemn both The Old and The New Testaments of the Bible. Provocative ?  Yes, it is in the toughness of the questions he has raised and in the touch of objectivity he has been able to muster.

To conclude from reading the book that he is an atheist is difficult to conclude, because he has given the impression, at least to me, that he has attempted to find answers to tough questions.  Even if he is an atheist, the questions he has critically raised should be brought up in the open and in front and must be answered by devout Christians, devout Jews, as well as by Christian and Jewish scholars. That is one good way through which the narratives of both The Old Testament and The New Testament can be explored and understood, with a degree of objectivity.

What all of the above has to do with a country called " Switzerland " ?

In his attempt to convince the readers of his book that he is NEUTRAL in raising such tough questions about God and The Bible, the author of the book, Stephen M. Miller, has written in the Introduction of the book the following words:

" Think of me as Switzerland. Neutral. "

An original thought and impressive, indeed.



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