Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The 100 Most Influential Persons in Human History

By Sodium

Anyone who is truly interested in knowing the true greatness of the Prophet Muhammad should review the following book:


It is a Citadel Press Book.
It is published by Carol Publishing Group.

Dr.Michael H. Hart has meticulously listed the one hundred persons who has most influence in the human history: The Prophet Muhammad came as number one,at the top of the list.

It is interesting to note that the one who is listed in the second place: it is not Jesus,nor is it Moses. Isaac Newton is listed in the second slot.

Jesus is listed in the third position and Moses in the fifteen.

For all the one hundred listed as the most influential persons in human history,please consult the book which you might be able to find in your local library.

By the way,I am not a Muslim. I was born to Christian father and mother who were devotees to the Greek Orthodox Church. I personally follow no particular religion. You may call me as an AGNOSTIC. Period. I cherish OBJECTIVITY in everything I read,see or hear.

By Sodium,March 3,2010 at 5:45 pm.


  1. I shall do that.


    P. S.
    Read your post. So sorry, in life it seem that one must at time endure the impossible.

  2. Elisa,

    Thanks tor your comment.I hope you will not have too much trouble finding the book.Please let me know here under post a comment if you have difficult time finding it. My son is on vacation with his family in Florida.He will be back next week and I will ask him how and from where he purchased the book.

  3. Sodium:
    Amazon has the book both in hardcover and paperback.

    That's where I buy all my books. They have my credit card on file.

    No tax with Amazon and free shipping for any order over $25.00.

    I hope what you are doing will do some good. I have my doubts.
    I see things in a new light, so at least one person benefited.


  4. Sodium:
    I have ordered "The 100 Most Influential Men in History" and look forward to reading it. Frankly, with summer coming on, I shall be outdoors more with my grandchildren but I will squeeze in some reading. Also, I doubt that I will be on the computer as much, at least for a while.

    Thank you for your reading recommendations.


  5. elisa,

    I am so delighted you will have the book shortly.
    Please do not be disappointed when you inspect the book and find out that Mahatma Gandhi is not among the 100. However he has an honor mention at the end of the book.

    The book is a good source for refences about 100 persons that influenced humanity by their deeds. I believe it is good to have in any personal library.

    As to the unhealthy bickerings going on at TD,I have already implore Td3 to let go at that not due to respect the apple polishers but respect for the other posters who genuinely want to debate the issue honestly. I hope Td3 will listen. I have my doubts.

    Thank you,elisa,for being what you are.