Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is It " Arab Spring " Or " Arab Awakening " ?

By Sodium

The various forms of main stream media, world wide, have erroneously called the upheavels/uprisings/revolutions that have engulfed the Arab World,in the last two years as "Arab Spring".  It is the wrong nomenclature/misnomer.  Reasons:

(1)  It is well known that the Spring Season lasts only three months of the year.

(2)  The Arab upheavals/uprisings/revolutions have lasted, so far, two years and still counting.

(3)  If the intent of the description," Arab Spring ", is a metaphoric intent, as in Spring Time, the earth implode from within itself the goodies of nature, it is the wrong metaphor to use, in the first place, because the Arab upheavals/uprising/revolutions implode within the Arab world with human blood, civil wars, injuries and death, as it is happening right now in Syria and as it had occurred, two years ago in Libya.

Based on the three reasons listed above, it is incorrect to call the Arab upheavals/uprisings/revolutions as an " Arab Spring ".

If  " Arab Spring " is the wrong nomenclature to use, what is then the appropriate name to describe correctly what has been happening in the Arab World for the last two years and still counting ?

In the views of the writer of this essay, it should be called an " Arab Awakening ".  Reasons:

(A)  Since the end of World War One, that took place in the early part of the 20th century, the victorious Britain and France divided the Arab world between themselves and colonized it by means of a once secret accord called the " Sykes-Picot Accord". The colonial powers had done so by their military forces and the Arab resistance to occupation had no chance, whatsoever, of expelling them from their homeland.

(B)  The victorious Britain and France picked up, as they pleased, their own " Arab Yes-Men " to rule the Arab world which they divided. Those " Arab Yes-Men " brutally ruled their own Arab people with an Iron-Fists.

(C)  Two years ago, the Iron-Fists have become very rusty, because of over use in every aspects of the social orders or disorders in the Arab World; to a point that the Arab people could no longer take it any longer and consequently rose-up in determination and vitality, to regain their freedom and human dignity, as the whole world had witnessed a genuine " Arab Awakening " in the streets of Tunisia and in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt.

As it may be seen, the description, " Arab Awakening, " fits more profoundly the current circumstances that have prevailed in the Arab world.



  1. The reasons behind the termonology has made a lot of sense to me.Yes,it is Arab Awakening,not Arab Spring.

    Good job,Sodium.Keep it up.

  2. Although I share Estifan's setiment about the reason given behind the Arab Awakening instead of Arab Spring,I believe it is too late for such a change. The label,Arab Spring,is just stuck and hard to change.

  3. Estifan,

    Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.

    As long as time permits and health allows, I shall continue doing my best for the readers of this site.

  4. Mo,

    You are probably correct when you said," the label,Arab Spring,is just stuck and hard to change."

    To my knowledge,only one writer by the name of William Pfaf used Arab Awakening in some of his columns,as they,(his columns),appeared on www. truthdig.com.

    If more and more writers,columnists,authors and bloggers start using "Arab Awakening" instead of "Arab Spring",a change for the better becomes possible. Perhaps,that is just a wishful thinking,from my part.

    At any rate,thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.

  5. I believe that Mo has hit the score here:the label,Arab Spring,is too late to change to anything else.

    The main stream media is a powerful tool.The label they use becomes the norm.

    Sorry,Sodium,you lose on this one,inspite of the good rerasons you have provided.

  6. Anonymous,

    Yes, you and Mo are correct concerning the main stream media, but I do not have to follow what they wrongly dictate.

    At any rate,thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.