Friday, January 18, 2013

A Provocative And Fascinating Book About Islam.

By Sodium

By a sheer accident I came across the following book:

A World Without Islam
Graham E. Fuller, a former Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) of the United States of America. Graham Fuller worked and lived in Islamic countries for nearly 20 years.

I must admit that the title of the book, " A World Without Islam " ,had  made me suspicious about the content of the book. I had almost decided not to purchase the book. However, as I read some of its pages I was impressed by what I read. The more I read, the more I had felt provoked and, at the same time, fascinated by the critical thoughts of the author. I have finally purchased the book and I have just finished reading: it is a provocative and fascinating book and it is worth the time I spent in reading it. And I must say that it is worthy of every penny of its price of $25.99.

Therefore, I highly recommend reading the book for the following reasons:

* It presents critical thoughts for the readers to consider.
* The objectivity of the author shines splendidly through out the pages of the book.
* The content of the book is certainly educational by any academic standard of measurement.
* The intent of the whole content of the book is certainly constructive.
* Muslims, Christians ,Jews ,Atheists, Agnostics and anybody else who is interested in the three Abrahamic Faiths,(Islam,Christianity, and Judaism) will all harvest a great deal of enrichment of the minds and consequently encouragement for tolerance.

I realize that some readers who live outside the political boundaries of the U.S.A. may encounter difficulty in purchasing the book, let alone finding it now in their native languages. In other words, it is a question of accessibility of the book in their own countries. Because of this reason, I may outline the chapters of the book, after reviewing each chapter in a meticulous manner, for the benefit of those interested readers living outside the political boundaries of the United States, providing that my time and health allow me to do so.

My intent is to help the interested readers, as much as I possibly can.



  1. I had already read the book.I agree with Sodium:The content of the book is "provocative and fascinating." And I may add that it is an excellent book to read by those who are interested in knowing the agreements and disagreements amongst the three Abrahamic religions which are Islam,Christianity and Judaism.

    Good choice,Sodium.

  2. Estifan,

    I am delighted that you had already read the book. And I am pleased with your agreement.

    Thank you for letting me know. Much appreciated.

  3. Sodium,

    I intend to buy and read the book per your recommendation.However,I need to know why exactly do you consider the book provocative and fascinating? I look forward to read your response.

  4. Nancy,

    The fundamental argument in the book is provocative because it induces critical and constructive thoughts concerning the three Abrahamic religions:Islam,Christianity and Judaism. And it is fascinating,(the argument),in the sense that it connects the current religious tenets with their respective historical dimensions.

    I am pleased that you have raised such a question, since it has enhanced my inclination to explore the content of the book further. And thank you for such a splendid question.