Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Conspiracy Theory And Arab Awakening.

By Sodium

In the last essay on this website, the writer of this essay has made it clear that he believes that calling the upheavals/uprisings/revolutions that has taken place, in the last two years and is still counting,as" An Arab Spring " is a MISNOMER. A  more profound description for what has been going on in the Arab world, in the last two years is "An Arab Awakening". Therefore, the writer of this essay will use, from now on, the correct nomenclature, "Arab Awakening ",instead of " Arab Spring ".

The Wide Spread Of " The Conspiracy Theory " :
This writer was recently involved in more than one discussion/debate about the Arab Awakening. it amuses him the fact that there are so many people who believe that there must be a conspiracy behind every political event that has happened or may happen in this world. Yes, indeed, Conspiracies do occur, like the " Sykes-Picot Accord " that took place during the First World War, between Britain and France the result of which the Arab world was divided into so many States called the Arab countries,each with its sovereignty as expressed in political, economic, financial and military terms,as well as in Passport Controls and Teriffs/Customs Controls at each other borders. The conspiracy of the " Sykes-Picot Accord " has been proven time and again that it really had taken place and there was no denying of this very fact. But that does not mean that there is a conspiracy behind every event that has already taken place or might have. That has led this writer to reject the claim that a conspiracy is behind the current " Arab Awakening " and will prove his assessment to be correct as follows:

The Arab Masses Needed A Catalyst To Start Its Unstoppable Awakening:
It is naive to think that the Arab Awakening just happened overnight. No affect in this world may or might take place without a cause. In other words, the Principle of Cause and Affect has been in full operative capacity in translating the unjust political, economical and social disorder in the Arab world into open revolts by the young youth who were facing a bleak future in every Arab country in which they lived. This has been going on for years, if not decades. Hence, the young people of the Arab world have decided to revolt against their tormentors and hoping consequently out of their agonies. And, indeed, it has started from the streets of the Republic of Tunisia.

Muhammad Bou Azizi was the Genuine Catalyst For The Arab Awakening:
A university graduate Tunisian young man had tried to find a job for his lively-hood, but no avail. In order to make a living,he managed to get himself a small wagon and filled it with fruits and vegetables and started roaming some streets in Tunisia in his attempts to sell them to the public. The militia of the President of Tunisia, Mr. Zain el-Abideen bin Ali, had even prevented him from working as a vendor of fruits and vegetables, in order to make a living. It seems, at least to this writer, that Muhammad Bou Azizi gave up hope of maintaining his dignity as hard working human being, he decided to leave this world in a way that was unknown to, or never had been practiced, in Arab societies:

 He set himself on fire in one Tunisian street for his Tunisian people and the people of the world to see.

As he died, the people of Tunisia had poured into the streets, demanding peaceable change of government. bin Ali, the dictator who ruled Tunisia for more than 30 years sent his militia after the demonstrators. The more killed in the streets by his militia, the more people had decided to get rid of him for good.

The major Western Powers, namely, U.S., Britain and France had initially supported bin Ali and his rule because he was serving their interest so well. Only when bin Ali fled the country did those specified Western Powers start calling for "democracy?" in Tunisia. It was so obvious from their behaviors they really did not know what course of action to take in this brilliant Tunisian Revolution. They seemed to have been caught unprepared, as if they were caught while their pants were way way down at their ankles.

The Spark Of The Tunisian Fire Engulfed Egypt:
Several Egyptians emulated Muhammad Bou Azizi and set themselves on fire as protestation against the dictatorship and corruption of their President, Husney Mubarak and his cohorts. The youth of Egypt poured into the great Tahrir Square in the middle of Cairo and peaceably demanded reform. Husny Mubarak sent his own mafia to dispel the demonstrators in Tahrir Square. The more some of the demonstrators were killed, the more people poured to Tahrir Square, demanding the complete removal of President Mubarak and his mafia from power.

Once again, the major Western power were unprepared by the hugeness of the crowd in Tahrir Square  and the unflinching demand of the demonstrators: a complete and total removal of Husney Mubarak and his mafia from power. They tried to place Mubarak by Mr. Omar Suleiman, Head of the Egyptian Mukhabarat, (Intelligence), who really was Israel's favorite because of his close relationship with them. That Western scheme failed by the insistence of the youthful revolutionaries in Tahrir Square that Mubark and all his regime must leave the seats of power. Period.

Again, the West was caught totally unprepared for the hugeness of the Egyptian Revolution and the firmed demands of the young revolutionaries. Again, after Husney Mubarak was forced to resign by his own people, the Western powers started calling for "democracy?" in Egypt.

It is so obvious that the loss of their "Yes-Men" in both revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt was too huge to swallow. Hence the Western major powers were very eager to decrease their losses. That is why they were happy to provide the Libyan revolution that was started from the Libyan City of Ben Ghazi, with air cover to unseat Moamer Al-Gadafi from the seat of power. Al-Gadafi ruled Libya for 40 years plus. He was a dictator like Zain el-Abideen bin Ali of Tunisia and Husney Mubarak of Egypt. The Western major powers are trying to decrease their losses due to the Arab Awakening not only in Tunisia, Egypt,, but else where in the Arab world beside what they had done in Libya.

What can be learned from the Arab Awakening are the following lessons:

~ The Conspiracy Theory had no real and actual presence in the Arab Awakening that took place in Tunisia and Egypt.

~ The Western major powers are trying to decrease their losses in the region by a hook or crook, but will fail in the long run, since the people of the Middle East and the people of the world, as a whole, reject the practice of international hegemony, where one major power dominates the policies and the behaviors of smaller powers. The gun boat diplomacy belongs to the past,not in the 21st Century.

~ Human dignity can be leashed for an unspecified length of time, but it certainly cannot possibly leashed or marginalized or undermined or exploited forever.

~ Due to the obvious attempts by certain powers to shift the consequences of the Arab Awakening to serve their own interests, instead of the interest of the people of the region, the Arab Awakening will not achieve its intent and objectives in years and possibly decades. No immediate and positive results should be expected.      




  1. Richard The Lion HeartJanuary 12, 2013 at 1:08 AM

    Sodium:You sound in this article as an Anti-Western. How come? I am just curious.

    1. RTLH,

      I am not Anti-Western. I never have been. I am Anti-Injustice.

      Does that satisfy your curiosity,Richard The Lion Heart?