Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some Thoughts On The Question: " In What Year Did Muhammad Return To Mecca ? "

By Sodium

In the last essay, there was the following question:

" In what year did Muhammad return to Mecca? "

The answer that has been given is: some sources state that he returned in 629 AD but other sources had stated that he had returned in 632 AD. The writer of the essay then had refrained from taking side and let it go, at that.

However, the writer of this essay had done lately more researches, in order to provide the interested readers with a definite and concrete answers. Unfortunately, the several sources he had reviewed had failed to provide him with the definite and concrete answer he was looking for. Therefore, he was compelled to analyze and assess the logic in the information he had reviewed lately. Hence, the following personal thoughts have hit his mind:

Since some of the sources he had reviewed lately stated that "The Farewell Pilgrimage " Muhammad made to Mecca was in 632 AD, that might suggest that he should have made earlier journeys from Medina to Mecca. In other words, it is important to keep in mind that this suggestion is fundamentally based on the the two extremely important words,"Farewell Pilgrimage". Since the year 632 AD was the "Farewell Pilgrimage", meaning the " LAST JOURNEY" he made to Mecca before his death, it simply meant that he made earlier journeys to Mecca. Therefore, the year 632 AD could not be the very first year he returned to Mecca, since he and his followers migrated to Medina. The first time he returned to Mecca was that year when he "TRIUMPHANTLY RETURNED" and the Meccans, who wanted to kill hime and slaughter his followers, in time passed, had finally surrendered in peace. Based on this analysis, the following personal thoughts have been reached:

Since the "The Farewell Pilgrimage' was done in 632 AD, it was then plausable to think that the year 629 AD was, most likely, the year The Prophet Muhammad "TRIUMPHANTLY RETURNED" to Mecca, since he and his followers escaped from Mecca to save their lives from the atrocities of the Paganic Meccans,especially from the powerful clan of Quraysh, Muhammad's own clan.

Please remember that the above foregoing is only personal thoughts, or rather a personal " Ijtihad ". In other words,it could, such a logical deduction, be totally correct " Ijtihad " and, of course, it could be completely wrong one. However, the writer of this essay had felt that he should share such thoughts with the interested readers. It may help.

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