Sunday, February 24, 2013

" Who Gained From Arab Upheavals ? "

Dear Readers, World Wide,

Please notice that the question, " Who Gained From Arab Upheavals ? " is written between quotations. That means that the question was not raised by me, but by others. In fact, I have found the question in the " Entry " subdivisions of the " Traffic Sources ", provided by Google, as a statistical feed back, meaning: the number of readers who review what is published in this website, world wide, along the names of the countries they reside in. It is a very helpful service Google provides to persons like myself, who try to enlighten their readers of what they know, free of charge.

According to the statistical feed back provided by Google, the above question was " Entered " three times as "Page Reviews ". Who raised the question and in which country he or she or they lived in, did not really matter. What is most important is the validity of the question being raised. It is certainly valid and hence deserves an answer, or at least a response of some kind. The following is my response to the above question:

The person or persons who have raised the above question has/have expected me to say that the main gainer of the Arab upheavals has been Israel ,so far. His or/her or their expectation is a correct one, but with the following qualifications:

* Yes, Israel is the main gainer of the current Arab Awakening, due to the usual entropic chaos and confusion that take place immediately after the ruling dictators, against whom the revolutions were started, in the first place, had fallen. The recorded history of all human revolutions, such as the French Revolution of France, the Communist Revolution of Russia and the Islamic Revolution of Iran, attest to the fact that the initiators and facilitators of these revolutions were their first victims.

* Such facts about all human revolutions, as outlined in the foregoing, tell me one thing for certain: Israel's gain is only temporary and the Israeli gain will not last forever. I repeat that  it is only temporary gain.

* Currently, The Arab Awakening is like a chain chemical reaction. Therefore, it is unstoppable until it completes its natural cycles. After that completion, watch out who is going to be the biggest loser of them all. The temporary main gainer now will end-up the biggest loser of them all. The history of the Arabs attests to that: the Arabs have always and always defeated their conquerors and kicked them out of their cherished homeland. No one needs to take my words here. All one has to do is just take his or her or their time and read the history of the Arabs and reach their own conclusion.

* Finally, I must say that as long as Israel continues stealing Palestinian lands, demolishing Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem, in order to build housing projects for housing Jews only, and it continues brutalizing the Palestinians and violating their basic human rights, as it besieged Gaza, Israel is in effect planting the seeds of its own destruction from within. The proof is what has happened in the country called South Africa in which the White Europeans once ruled it, to finally be defeated and Nelson Mandela released from his 26 years of imprisonment and became the first black native President of South Africa. The temporary success story of White Rule of South Africa was greater than the current gain of Israel from the Arab upheavals;  and yet it finally collapsed under its own weights of discrimination and racism under which black South African natives had suffered greatly for many decades. Similarly, the Arab Awakening will eventually be, at the end, a big helping hand to the brutalized Palestinians. Just give the Awakening enough time to complete its natural development which may take years, if not decades, like all other human revolutions, as recorded in history.  No miracles can be expected from revolutions-only bloodshed. So will be the case for the Arab upheavals, or rather Arab Awakening.



  1. Sodium:You used the word,temporary,when you said,"Israel's gain is only temporary".To me,the word,temporary,may mean few hours,few days or few months like temporary hired worker.I hope you did not mean that Israel would no lohger be Israel in few months or even few years.

    Your comment,please.

  2. Anonymous,

    It seems to me that your observation is correct in the sense that the word " temporary " does not give the precise meaning of what I wanted to say. A more plausible words would have been respectively, " short-run " and " long-run ", instead of the word " temporary ". That means that the sentence should be re-written as follows:

    " Israel's gain is a short-run gain and such a gain will dissipate in the long-run ".

    Well,Anonymous, you said once you could not win with me. You certainly have scored a high score, here, with distinction.

    Thank you for alerting me to the fact. Much appreciated.