Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Bodies Languages of Netanyahu,Obama And Putin.

By Sodium

Although I have hated to interrupt the plan I have already set and started for exploring in more depth the content of the book entitled, " A World Without Islam ", by Graham E. Fuller, I have found myself compelled to interrupt the plan, in order to write and publish this essay, concerning the body languages of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, Barack Obama, President of United States of America, on one hand, and the body languages of Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, on the other. A comparison must be interesting.

I watched, on the Internet, at different times, all the meetings that had taken place among those three leaders. During the first four years of Barack Obama as President of the United States, Netanyahu came to Washington DC several times and had meetings with President Obama in the White House; and even addressed the joint Congress of the United States and received more " STANDING OVATIONS " than President Obama received as Obama addressed the same joint U.S. Congress as he delivered his State of the Union addresses. You figure !

Lately, Netanyahu had made a special visit to Moscow and met with President Putin of Russia. I watched their meeting on the Internet, as well. My observations concerning the respective body languages of Netanyahu, Obama and Putin can be summed-up as follows:

A Meeting Between Obama and Netanyahu:
~  Netanyahu sitting cross-legged, facing Obama, with the bottom of his shoe pointing in the direction of Obama. This is a sign through which implicitly telling Obama that you might be the President of the mighty United States of America, but I was/am the one who dictates what policy America should have for the Middle East, since the political powers I have in and outside your government were/are numerous that could make your political life so miserable and ill received in the halls of the U.S. Congress.

~  Netanyahu was defiant, in all his meetings with Obama, as his face expressions, his eyes, hands and legs movements had said so. In fact, the personal incompatibility, between the two men, was so obvious, even some Israeli newspapers published stories about it.

~  As calmly as he could muster, President Obama took it with dignity of a good host should. He just looked at Netanyahu and listen and really said little, perhaps wisely, to avoid a possible public confrontation. Obama is too smart of a politician to be intimated by a person like Netanyahu. Obama's coolness was remarkable, indeed.

The Recent Meeting Between Putin and Netanyahu:
*  Netanyahu did not sit cross-legged, as he met, in Russia, with President Vladimir Putin. The arrogance he shined in his meetings with President Obama in the White House was totally absent as he met wet with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

*  Netanyahu's head was slightly pointing down, while using meekly his mouth and hands in expressing his opinions to Putin.

*  The difference between Netanyahu's body language in his meetings with Obama and his recent meeting with Putin was, indeed, striking. In his meetings with Obama, his rudeness was so obvious while his meeting, in the recent meeting with Putin, his meekness was so telling.

*  Putin's body language, in the recent meeting with Netanyahu, was expressed calmly, but tellingly by the glares of his eyes. As Netanyahu meekly talked with his mouth and hands, while his head bowing slightly down, Putin's suspecting and glaring eyes were fixed on Netanyahu, like telling Netanyahu I question every word you were/are saying to me-you had promised not to get involved in the bloody Syrian Civil War and I agreed, in return, to freeze an already scheduled-shipment of missiles to Syria. I honored my word, but you did not honor yours, since two weeks ago your air-force had attacked and destroyed certain Syrian facilities. Do you expect me to believe what you were/are saying to me now ?

These body languages are ripped for a documentary film that would be interesting and fun to watch. Where are you, Michael Moore ?  To those who have no idea who is Michael Moore:

Michael Moore is a master in directing and producing documentary films in the United States of America. He tells it as it should be told. His admirers and followers are in the millions. I am one of those millions.




  1. Sodium: I feel I must inform you that your excellent description of the bodies languages of Netanyahu and Putin, respectively, tells me that you have finally agreed with me when I said, in the past and in earlier comment, that Netanyahu was a liar. There was no other way I could understand such a description in this post of yours. Is my understanding correct?

  2. Anonymous,

    Since I have happened to believe in the coolness and talking eyes of Putin, and since I have gradually developed no confidence in the talking hands, legs, feet and mouth of Netanyahu, I have to admit now that you have been correct all along, and I was wrong in refraining from calling him a liar earlia until this very moment. Yes, he is a liar.His recent attack on certain Syrian military facilities attests to that, especially after he made a commitment to Putin that he would stay out of the bloody Syrian Civil War. In return, Putin had frozen an already scheduled shipment of missiles to Syria. Putin Kept his word, but Netanyahu had not kept his.

    As you well know that neither you or Putin was the first to call him a liar. There were two Heads of States ahead of you both: the current Chancellor of Germany and the former President of France.

    Thank you for your follow-up on this one.

  3. Sodium: At last, you have agreed with me on this matter. Thank you for being honest and having an open mind. I do appreciate exchanging views with you. And thanks again.

  4. Anonymous,

    No need to thank me, since you have prevailed, with your argument, fairly and squarely. Yes, you have won on this one, mainly because of your relentless pursuit on the issue or question involved. I do respect such efforts, regardless whether I disagree or agree with the argument presented.

    Congratulation for a good pursuit that has made your argument a winnable one.