Wednesday, May 1, 2013

" A World Without Islam, " As Reviewed By Sodium.

 By Sodium

On this website, a brief review has been posted on January 18,2013 on a book entitled " A World
Without Islam " by Graham E. Fuller. In that post I have said that I might explore this book further, if time and health cooperate. Well, time and health have cooperated so far. Hence, I have no excuses to avoid digging more deeply in the content of the book which I have been provoked and fascinated by. Why I have been provoked and fascinated by the content of the book ?

By a straightforward, and in a sense blunt way, the author has treated the three Abrahamic Religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam so differently as one may expect from an American author, specially from one who held a high ranking position in the American intelligence community for so many years. I could find no nepotism toward any of the three religions whatsoever. Perhaps, I feel that way because I do expect to sense a degree of bias toward one religion or another and that religion has always been the religion to which the author or debater or writer or lecturer or speech maker/orator adheres. It is really part of the human nature from which no man or a woman can truly overcome completely. What really has provoked me most is the fact that I have found the argument, as presented in the book, the complete opposite of what I expected. That and that alone has developed a challenge: whether or not I am willing to give the book more of my time and effort to explore it further in order to understand its content better. A challenge I must meet. And I do hope that the interested readers will learn something in the process of exploration, as I will.

By a sense of history, the author has cleverly connected his argument with recorded historical events . In my views, the author's argument is persuasive and sophisticated and requires truly and profoundly open minds to fully understand and appreciate what the author has tried to convey to the readers of his book. I hope that all of this will be understood and appreciated by the interested readers as I have, as they read what I can offer them by way of exploration of the content of the book.

Reviewing The Book Through A Series of 16 Different Topics:
I repeat what I have recommended in the past: the best thing to do is to get a copy of the book and read it from cover to cover. For those readers who have no accessibility to the book, I will explore the following series of topics whose titles are taken from the book, precisely as the author of the book has presented them in his marvelous and unique book:

(1) " Introduction "
(2) " Islam and the Abrahamic Faiths "
(3) " Power Heresy and the Evolution of Christianity"
(4) " Byzantium versus Rome: Warring Christian Polarity "
(5) " Islam Meets Eastern Christianity "
(6) " The Great Crusades ( 1095-1272 ) "
(7) " Shared Echoes: The Protest Reformation and Islam "
(8) " The " Third " Rome and Russia: Russia Inherits the Orthodox Legacy "
(9) " Russia and Islam: Byzantium Lives "
(10) " Muslims in the West: Loyal Citizens or Fifth Column ? "
(11) " Islam and India "
(12) " Islam and China "
(13) " Colonialism, Nationalism, Islam and the Independence Struggle "
(14) " War, Resistance, Jihad and Terrorism "
(15) " What to Do ? Toward a New Policy with the Muslim World "
(16) Sodium's Conclusions Derived From Reviewing, " A World Without Islam"

I shall attempt to explore all the topics listed above, as soon as possible. At the end, I shall outline my own personal conclusions. To do all that will take time. I ask for the readers' patience.



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