Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Syrian Agony And The Competition For Hegemony

By Sodium

An essay has been entitled, " Observations About The Third American Presidential Debate, " has been published on October 25, 2012, on this website. The writer's intent, at that time, was to provide the readers with an outline of constructive criticisms of the entire debate that took place then, between President Barack Obama and his challenger, Governor Mitt Romney. A total number of five observations was listed in the outline. Among them, there was one observation concentrated on the current conflict in Syria. It is worth re-stating the essence of that particular observation as a background for this essay entitled, " the Syrian Agony And The Competition For Hegemony " :

The bloody conflict in Syria is so complex. Military intervention will make it bloodier. All major powers, (U.S.A., Russia, China, Britain and France ), know that without their joint agreement to end the blood shed in Syria, through the United Nation Security Council, the conflict will continue unabated, and the dangerous potential exists for the conflict to spread out from Syria to the neighboring countries, specifically to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Israel,Turkey and Iran.

Syria is not Libya. Unless the big powers act jointly, in good faith, all the efforts of Mr.Al-Akhdhar El-Ibrahimi, the appointed United Nations' envoy for the purpose of finding ways to stop the blood shed will fail, as all attempts by Mr.Kofi Anan, the former Secretary of the United Nations, have failed before him. Ignoring this reality and substituting it with words of bellicosity, during the debate, is self-defeating and will not stop the blood shed in Syria."

Since publishing the observation referred to above, the Syrian agony has increased greatly in intensity and the conflict has become even more complex to resolve.

The recent serious disagreements amongst the different factions of the Syrian Oppositions, during their last meeting, (in May 2013), in the Turkish city of Istanbole, attest to that. Such disagreements stem from the fact that the participants in the meeting are acting by proxies, on behalf of some regional powers; and possibly some of them also on behalf of some big powers as well.. It seems to me that the competition for hegemony is fiercer amongst some regional powers, in the Syrian Oppositions, than the competition, for hegemony, between the real big powers which finally agreed to resolve the Syrian bloody conflict politically, and through the good offices of the United Nations. What has happened lately, in the ranks and files of the Syrian Oppositions, is most unfortunate, at a time when the U.S.A. and Russia have called on both the Syrian regime and Syrian Oppositions to attend an already proposed conference in June, 2013, in Geneva, Switzerland  The Syrian government has already accepted, " in principle ", to attend the proposed conference, according to Mr. Waleed  Al-Mu'alim, Foreign Minister of Syria.

Both the Syrian Government and the Syrian Oppositions must respond positively to the call for stopping the agony of Syria politically and let the Syrian people decide what kind of Syria they wish to have through legitimate elections and dialogues, not through blood shed of a war in which a fighter dared to split the chest of a dead Syrian soldier and pulled out the heart of the dead soldier and ate it. And that was precisely what I saw on the Internet.

I saw many despicable and disgusting scenes in my life time. But, I have never seen before such an act of horrible human cannibalism, as I have seen in this war in Syria.

It is highly urgent to stop the Syrian human agony that has produced such a horrendous act of cannibalism. We all are either human beings connected to one another by our sense of humanity, or we all are nothing more than cannibalistic animals in human forms.



  1. Sodium: I saw what you saw and I had almost vomited when I saw it. Human hatred at its peak.

    I wonder how those heads of states of the countries involved in the Syrian conflict felt as they saw that a human being turned into a cannibal because of such unbelievable hatred, resulting from their war for hegemony. I just wonder if they really cared, one way or the other !

  2. Anonymous,

    I do not think that a self-respecting human being who respect his own humanity and the humanity of his fellow human being could stomach the cannibalistic behavior of that fighter in the Syrian Agony, including, and as you put it, " the Heads of States of the countries involved in the Syrian Conflict " The problems of those Heads of States you have in mind are as different in substance and form, as the difference among the five fingers of the human hand. Everyone of them is captive to something beyond his control. I cannot be more explicit than this, and I leave it up to you to reach your own conclusion for what I am trying to convey to you ,here.

    At any rate, thank you for the exchange of views.