Friday, May 1, 2015

Khalid Bahah, Vice President And Prime Minister Of Yemen.

By Sodium

I have just finished watching Aljazeera's program called " Leqa'a Khas, " in which Mr. Khalid Bahah, Vice President and Prime Minister of Yemen has been interviewed by one of Aljazeera's anchor personalities. I have heard of his name and title, but I have never seen him, before today, on the Internet, responding to important and interesting questions.

I must publicly say that I have been highly impressed by Mr. Bahah's knowledge and sincere intent and accommodating honesty, through which he has intended to follow a policy of inclusion, not exclusion, of all various political groups of Yemen, after the conclusion of the current war whose end result must be to abide by the United Nations Security Council's Resolution 2216.

His profound concern for the welfare of the Yemeni people has been so obvious, as he has worked with the authorities of the State of Qatar to make sure that the people of Yemen get the essentials and basic commodities of foods and medicines through flights from Qatar to Djibouti and then by boats to Yemen. The United Nations has recently reported that the Yemeni people are suffering badly for lack of foods, medicines and other basic essentials to sustain life.

Because he has left an enormous and lasting impression on me, I have felt that a public recognition of such an impression will be in order.

As long as Yemen has leaders like Khalid Bahah, Yemen will overcome its current agonies and will end up having a fine blue print for building its future, as the people of Yemen wish to have..

May the future show that what I have just said in the last paragraph above come true for Yemen and its great people who had enlightened the entire human race as to how to roast and brew coffee and enjoy a cup of hot coffee, in the morning, or at any other time of the day. This Yemeni enlightenment has not been fully recognized in many parts of this chaotic and violent world.         


  1. Interesting article

    1. Good hearing from you, Mehdi. I apologize for my tardiness in responding to the above comment of yours. I do hope that you will read this response of mine to yours, in spite of my tardiness. Could not help it because of family reasons.

      thanks for the link entitled, " Saudi Arabia and the War of Legitimacy in Yemen " by Lara Aryani.

      I agree that it is an interesting article. In fact, I concur with several points mentioned in the article. However, I could detect by reading between the lines that the writer was trying to put all of the blame on Saudi Arabia, which really meant that her passion and emotion belonged to Iran.

      Mehdi, please keep such links coming. I have already signed for receiving E-mails from Jadalliyah.

      Again, many thanks for the links and keep in touch.