Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A List of " Super " Foods That May Heal Diabetes 2.

By Sodium

I have come lately across a book entitled " The 30-Day Diabetes Cure " by Roy Heilbron and Jim Healthy. Brief notes on both authors of the book:
Roy Heilbron: is a physician who " is a board-certified in cardiology (2009), internal medicine (1993), and nuclear cardiology (1998). He is currently in private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico." of the United States of America.

Jim Healthy: " is a health coach and activist, medical reporter, publisher, and author. He is the founder and editor of JimHealthy.com and My HealingKitchen.com, where he coaches and instructs readers on how to improve their personal health through wiser diet and lifestyle choices."

About The Book
The book is monumental, too large, and consists of 410 pages ( 8'x11' ) and just too much to read and write a review about in a detailed manner. I have bought it to use as a reference in my attempts to manage my own Diabetes 2, since dealing with Diabetes 2, on daily basis, is difficult without getting some guidance from a reliable source. I have found the knowledge embodied in this particular book very helpful.
The book comes with the following Special Reports:

~  Deadly Diabetes Lies.
~  Mistakes Doctors Are Making With Diabetes.
~  The Dangers of Diabetes Drugs.
~  Dodging Diabetes Complications.
~  How to Heal Your Pancreas.
~  Diabetes Healing Super foods
~  Healing Diabetes with Yoga.

I have already read all the Special Reports listed above. Indeed, very helpful and I do feel that I must add one single word: FACINATING. And the Special Reports alone, by themselves, are worth the cost of $ 49.94 to get the book to my home address by surface mail.

As I read the Special Reports titled, "Diabetes Healing Super Food ", I was fully convinced that the content of the report might be of great help to all readers of this website, whether they had Diabetes 2 or not. The "Diabetes Healing Super Foods " are quoted below, exactly as listed in the special report, I have just finished mentioning:

Diabetes Healing Super Foods:
1.  Salmon and Omega-3 sea food.
2.  Beans.
3.  Onions
4.  Broccoli and other crucifers.
5.  Olive Oil.
6.  Romaine Lettuce.
7.  Yogurt.
8.  Grapefruit.
9.  Nuts.
11.Whole Grain.
12.Lean Meat.

Final Words:
Just eating the foods listed above is not going to get rid of your Diabetes 2, in 30 days, unless you follow step by step of the instructions provided in one of the booklets that comes with the book for that purpose. However, the foods listed in the above list are good foods to eat; and most likely, they will help you achieving and maintaining good health.
I must admit that I really have never cared to eat beans, yogurt and grapefruit, before reading such a report. Since I have started eating them, I have gradually developed a taste for them. Now, in fact, I look forward to eat them, whenever the type of meal dictates to include them in the preparations of the meals. In fact, I eat yogurt and grapefruit alone whenever I feel I need to eat them. The beans are excellent in chili with some good quality ground beef.



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