Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Part And The Whole, According To Plato.

By Sodium

The attention of the writer of this blog has been concentrated lately on the horrific violence and wars that has been going on in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya. Needless to say that there is something fundamentally wrong in the social and political structures of these countries whose leaders have cared more for their selfish political power and political future than the good of their countries and people. Yes, yes, foreign powers interferences do exist in those countries. However, if the human selfishness of those political leaders was absent, no power on Mother Earth can make them do what is not good for the common good of their countries and people who are escaping the bloodshed to neighboring countries and many of them had died in the Boats of Death, in their attempts to reach the shores of Europe. Shame on their countries' leaders who could not see further than the tips of their noses in their total failure in protecting their own civilian populations.

Question: what all the foregoing has to do with what Plato had said, with regards to the part and the whole, as stated in the above title of this blog ?

Before answering the above question, one must first know exactly what Plato had said, which would be quoted below:


Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya are only parts of a larger geographical, linguistic and cultural whole, called the Arab World. Applying Plato's saying, those four Arab countries are sick because they are geographically, linguistically and culturally integrated parts of an extremely sick whole called the Arab World, which badly needs serious and painful surgery, from the shores of  Shut Al-Arab of Iraq, in the East, to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the West. .

As one studies the rich history of the Arab people, one may conclude that regardless how severely negative the historical events they had encountered, in times past, they had always managed to overcome them and kick their tormentors out from their midst, whether their tormentors were from within or from without.They certainly can do so once more, by adhering firmly to the wisdom behind Plato's statement quoted above. And the medical salvation for the sick whole is UNITY, stupid !


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