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A Summary Of The Answer To Question (2) of the " 100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible " By Stephen Miller.

By Sodium

( Note: It seems to the writer of this blog that the intent of author, Stephen Miller, for raising such a question and answering it, is fundamentally to induce more interest in the Bible and check the question he has raised and the answer or answers he has given to it. He certainly is not trying to make an Atheist out of the readers of his book. His intent is unequivocally the opposite of the suspicion, which the hundred tough questions he has risen and the answers he has given to them, might have caused. )

Reciting Question ( 2 ):
" We're supposed to believe that once upon a time people like Noah lived more than 900 years ? "

Summary of Miller's Answer:
~ No person in his or her right mind is going to believe that people of the extreme ancient time lived more than 900 years.~
~ With all the current medical advancement and progress, one may live up to 120 years.
~ Bible scholars themselves are the first to admit that this is a real tough problem to handle. However, they offer theories which are summarized below:
~ The flood, as it has been described in the Bible had changed the environment of the Earth, and such environmental change had created harmful toxins, or rather chemicals, to the human body whose lifespan had been diminished drastically, ever since, as a result.
~ Other Bible's experts have theorized that no changes have taken place at all. Most likely, " God have decided that humans no longer deserved to live that long."
~ Another theory has to do with the reason behind the flood. God brought the flood on the human beings then, because they had become evil. God was quoted, by the Bible writer who wrote about the flood, as saying: " My Spirit will not put up with humans for such a long time for they are only mortal flesh. In the future , their normal lifespan will be no more than 120 years." ( Genesis 6::3 NLT ).

A Mathematical Theory:
Some Christians theorize that when Noah lived more than 900 years, one year of the time before the flood was only equivalent to one month of the present year of the Twenty First Century. If  one accepts One Year of Ancient Time = Only One Month of the Year of the Twenty First Century, then the ages of ancient persons like Adam, Noah, Moses etc.. may make sense. Some mathematical conversions:

900 years divided by 12 months = 75 years was Noah when he died.

924 years divided by 12 months = 77 years was Adam when he died.

Stephen Miller goes on to point out that this theory " poses another problem: the age at which fathered kids."  On this point he goes on to say the following:

" It seems a tad unbelievable that Adam fathered his third son, Seth, when he was still ten years old. It leaves us wondering how old he was when he fathered  Cain and Abel. Five ?

Final Words::
I must admit that I was fascinated by the original thinking, as expressed and outlined in the mathematical theory, in order to make some acceptable sense, concerning the ages of the ancient people as recorded in the Bible. Yes, indeed, such a thought shine with originality. And it is much appreciated to read and learn.



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