Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Brief Summary of the Answer to Question (11) of the "100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible" by Stephen M. Miller.

By Sodium

Re-Citing Question (11)::
" Given what we know today from science, why do so many Christians say the universe was created in six days, a few thousand years ago? "

Stephen Miller's answer, to the above question, can briefly be summed up into the following points

(1) Stephen Miller says that " two out of three churchgoing folks seem to believe in just that that ", meaning that the universe was created in just " six days, a few thousand years ago. "
(2) A Gallup poll that was taken in 2012 said that 46 percent of Americans believed also as the churchgoing Christians do. "
(3) Based on the two statistical facts above as points (1) and (2), respectively, Miller has encountered both points with the following statement, and I quote it exactly as it is written, as a part of his answer: " That leaves many thinking souls wondering whatever happened to science classes. "
(4) On the other hand, some churchgoers, as well as Jews, have applied their own scientific approach-calling it " creation science " which basically says that the Genesis section of the Bible is the history of creation as revealed by God Himself. And hence, their scientific evidences are totally different from Miller's evidences which says that " the earth is 2.5 billion years old, and the universe is about 1 billion years old ", and not six days. You have read it correctly, meaning, the numbers given are in billions, not millions.
(5) Some of the scientific evidences Miller has stated have to do with what the geological evidences say. No need to burden the reader with it. here. Anyone who is interested in such details, should get a copy of Miller's book and read it from cover to cover.
(6) Miller has questioned the creation of earth in six days and he does so with basic science and he has accompanied his basic science with an additional tough scientific question concerning the validity of what was created in each day of the six days of the creation, as described in the Genesis of the Bible.
(7) Since Miller has attempted to be as objective as he possibly could,, he made the following statement, at about the end of his challenging questions concerning the Biblical creation of the universe in six days: " On the flip side, Christians defending the Bible's literal history of creation say that questions like these underestimate the power of God. " What he has implicitly  meant by offering such a statement is this  when Christians inject the power of God in such a manner, one cannot possibly continue the discussion endlessly, because such a discussion will lead no where.  

Final Words:
As it can be seen from point (1) through point (7), the disagreement between the advocates of the six days of creation of the universe and the non-advocates of such Biblical creation is so huge, I refrain from telling you what I really believe in, and thus leaving it to each reader to reach his or her own conclusion, concerning the entire human differences in the belief of creation of Mother Earth and the Universe.


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