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Quotations From The Answer To Question (16) of The " 100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible " By Stephen M. Miller.

By Sodium

Reciting Question (16):
" If Joshua stopped the sun and moon with his battlefield prayer, as the BibLe says he did, that would have halted the 1070 mph ( miles per hour ) rotation of the earth. So why didn't everyone get whiplash ? "

The answer given to the above question is not easy to outline. Perhaps, one way to overcome such an encounter is to present selected quotations from the answer and present them to the reader as simple as possible, concerning the rotation of the earth around itself, and the 12 months journey the earth travels around the sun to provide its inhabitants with the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Seasons, respectively. Scientists in physics and astronomy call it " The Earth Rotations " . The plural form in the word " Rotations " is due to the fact that the earth has two forms of  "Rotation ": One Rotation around the sun and Another Rotation around itself. The rotation around the sun is completed in 12 months while the rotation around itself is completed in 2 hours. . Hence, the following quotations may just convey to the reader the correct idea about the content of the answer, as provided by Stephen Miller:

Quotation One:
" If ever there was a prayer request more ambitious than those of Jesus-who instantly stopped storms and raised the dead-this it : " Sun, stand still over Gibron, and moon, stand still over the valley of Aijalon "  "( Joshua 10:12 )."

Quotation Two:
" Go ahead, tell the sun to chill.
That 's what the Bible writer says Joshua did.
The result: The sun stopped in the middle of the sky, and for nearly a day the sun was in no hurry to set "  " ( Joshua 10:13 ). "

Quotation Three:
" Plenty of Christians insist that stopping the sun and moon in the sky would have been no big dealfor the Creator of the universe. So they take the story literally. Many Bible experts say that's probably the way the writer ( Bible writer) intended us to read it. "

Quotation Four:
" Other Christians raise a few questions from physics class:

* Wasn't it the earth's rotation that would have needed to stop, since that's what produces the illusion of the sun moving ?

* How would the earth sudden stop affect the gravity ?

* What about the atmosphere that rotates with the earth ?  Its momentum would keep it moving at a thousand miles an hour( 1600 km / h  ), creating a wind powerful enoughto sweep the planet clean. "

Quotation Five:
" Christians who suspect that God worked within the laws of physics that he created look for other ways of understanding what happened. "

Quotation Six:
" Eclips. One theory says the story grew out of a solar eclipse. And , apparently got exaggerated. Solar eclipses do not last all day. "

II can go on and on provide the reader with more quotations from Miller's answer, but the I feel that the above six quotations are enough to serve the purpose of providing a correct idea about Miller's answer to the reader.

Final Words:
It seems to me that anyone with the fundamental knowledge about the fixed position of the sun and the rotations of the earth around itself and around the sun can only  see the crux of Miller question and the answer he has given. However, Christians' belief must be respected, in spite od all the evidences that contradict what has been written in the Bible. It is their prerogative to adhere firmly to their religious belief.


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