Friday, September 4, 2015

Big, Hearty Salute and Admiration to Sudan and its Great People.

By Sodium

I have just finished watching, on the Internet, an Al-Jazeera program called " Al-Waqi Al-Arabi, " anchored by Jalal Shahda who had interviewed  Muhammad Sabra, President of Al-Hisb Al-Jumhori  Al-Suri and the Sudanese official in charge of welcoming some of the Syrians civilians who fled the daily slaughters that had been going in Syria for the last four plus years. What I have understood from the interview are the following most admired action taking by the government and people of Sudan:

(1) Sudan has welcomed the Syrian civilians, fleeing from the war agony in Syria, not as refugees, but as guests and as citizens.
(2) Syrians who seek entry to Sudan needs no visa to enter  They are most welcome without restriction of entry visa.
(3) In spite of all the economic difficulties which Sudan faces these days, all the right of the Sudanese citizens entitled to the Syrians guests are entitled to also. That means;
          (A) Free medical care.
          (B) Free education from kinder garden, through elementary and high schools, and finally                           through university as well.
         (C) Syrians can seek employment in the Sudanese government as well as in the private sectors.
         (D) Some Syrians have already and successfully started their mid-size and small business in                        Sudan.
         (E) Because of the shortage of enough housing to all Syrians, many Sudanese families have                       welcomed some of the Syrians into their homes, until some housings found for them to                         settle in permanently.
(4) The number of Syrians who have already settled in Sudan is approximately one hundred thousand, (100,000 ).

Based upon the forgoing information, as outlined above, the title of this essay is certainly in order, meaning: " Big Hearty Salute and Admiration  to Sudan and its Great People."

Final Words:
A question: Could not have the vast majority of the Arab counties done what Sudan and the people of Sudan have already done for the fleeing Syrians from the agony of destruction and war in Syria, instead of fleeing to Europe, by the boats of death ?   Just a question.


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