Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A summary Of The Answer To Question (8) Of The " 100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible " By Stephen M. Miller.

By Sodium

Re-Citing Question (8) :
" Why should anyone believe that a star led the wise men to Bethlehem when stars don't move like that ? "

A Summary Of The Answer, As Given by Stephen Miller:
Stephen Miller has pointed out the fact, at the very beginning of his detailed answer, that Christians say that " Miracles Happen. " And this kind of an answer to the question is " the most honest. " as he put it. What this means that they really do not know. But Miller seems not be impressed by such a simple answer to a tough question. Hence, he provides his own answers, part of which are the following points:

~ " The story shows up in just one book of the Bible: " After Jesus' birth wise men from the east arrived in Jerusalem. They asked, " Where is the one who was born to be the king of the Jews ?  We saw his star rising and have come to worship him ' " ( Mathew 2:1-2 ).

~ " The Bible doesn't say how many wise men there were. Scholars say the idea that they were three probably comes from from the three gifts they gave Jesus: gold, frankincense, myrrh. "

Miller covers so many theories about the stars as they were known and reported in ancient times but he disprove their validity, one by one. no need to burden the reader with such an almost endless argument. the point to remember that amongst all the book of the Bible only the book written by Mathew mentioned the three wise men who traveled from the east, most probably from Iraq and Iran, to see Jesus and worship him. It is obvious, all of the entire argument is questionable, except if one truly believes in miracles tha hadt made the star moved to guide the three wise men to Jerusalem and finally to Bethlehem.

Final Words:
I must call the attention of Mr. Miller that Arab Bedouins do their travels during the nights due to desert unbearable heat during day time..And they do know which star to follow for direction, meaning going to east, west, north or south. Miller is technically correct when he says stars do not move like that. Perhaps, and just perhaps, as the bible was not originally written in English which Mr. Stephen Miller understood so well, linguistic mistakes might have occured in the translations processes.


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