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The Five Kinds Of Procrastjnators According To Dr. Linda Sapadin.

By Sodium

I am a subscriber to a newsletter called " Bottom Line Personal " which I receive twice a month for an annual fee of $39.00. And the novel and professional information I get from every issue is worth much more than the annual fee I pay every year as a subscriber. I have always learned something from each issue. I am too old to be fascinating by anything I read except the most compelling read that compels me to be fascinated. Therefore, I must admit that I am fascinated by what I have learned, so far, from reading the 16--18 pages of each issue.

Although I have wanted to follow through with the plan I have already started on the answers given by Stephen M. Miller to the one hundred questions he has raised in his book, " 100 Tough Questions about God And The Bible ", I have found myself compelled to interrupt my plan in order to share with the reader of this website what I have learned from an interview that Bottom Line Personal had conducted with Dr. Linda Sapadin," PhD, a clinical psychologist in private practice in Valley Stream, New York. She specializes in helping people overcome self-defeating pattern and (she) is author of How to Beat Procrastination in the Digital Age. "

No need to burden the reader with the complete details of the interview, but an outline of the essential points will, perhaps, be in order:

Dr. Linda Sapadin has acknowledged in the interview that there are five kinds of procrastinators and they are:

(1) The Perfectionist Procrastinator.
(2) The Dreamer Procrastinator.
(3) The Worrier Procrastinator.
(4) The Crisis Maker Procrastinator.
(5) The Defier Procrastinator..

The following outline may provide a brief description of each category of the five procrastinators, listed above, followed by a short suggestion for each to overcome::

(1) The Perfectionist Procrastinator:
" Perfectionists tend to work too long on a task, seeking to achieve perfection-which makes it difficult to get anything done on schedule. "  One suggestion of several other suggestions " is to set time limit for projects, or ask others to do for you. Redefine perfection as " the best I can achieve within this time frame."

(2) The Dreamer Procrastinator:
" Dreamers have a strong desire to live in a world of ideas...and a strong aversion to completing the real-world steps required to turn these ideas into reality. What to do...Develop a detailed to-do list. Create to do lists that that include not just what you need to do but also time lines and deadlines for each listing.

(3) The worrier Procrastinator:
Anxieties about all that could go wrong prevent worriers from moving forward. What to do....Remind yourself that making a decision is a decision. When your anxieties cause stagnation, say to yourself, I am choosing to take no action. Is this really the path I want to take ? "

(4) The Crisis Maker Pocrastinator:
Crisis Makers delay working on projects until deadlines loom--they need the adrenaline rush of a deadline to get them moving. They don't consider that this makes life difficult for their colleagues and loved ones. What to do ... Find motivators other than stress and adrenaline. Looming deadlines might be an effective motivator for you, but that doesn't mean that they are the only motivator. Reflect on what is truly and deeply meaningful to you. It might be providing for your family...behaving ethically...being viewed as someone people can trust...earning money... earning praise and promotion...or something else entirely. "

(5) The Defier Procrastinator:
Defiers view their responsibilities as impositions on their time forced upon them by unjust systems or authority figures. They might respond to these impositions with direct defiance...or they might indirectly defy by procrastinating, a form of passive agressive rebellion. What to do...Act, don't react. See yourself as part of a team, not apart of a team. "

Final Words:
I must admit that I really could not figure out to what kind of the above five procrastinators I personally might have belonged. Most likely, I feel that I do not belong to any of the five categories of the procrastinators described by Dr. Linda Sapadin. Perhaps, and just perhaps, I belong to the sixth kind of procrastinators called " Plan Interrupters."  My invention ?  Of course, it is

Have fun, if you procrastinate, in trying to figure out to which of the five kinds of procrastinators you are actually belonged.. You may discover some surprising human characteristics about yourself that have been unknown to you, before reading the views of Dr.Linda Sapadin about the five kinds of procrastinators, outlined here.



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