Sunday, August 16, 2015

Continuation Of The Interesting Statements That Are Worthy Of Reading And Learning From.

By Sodium

In the last blog, the interesting statements of chapter (1) through chapter (19) of a novel authored by Claire Cook were covered and quoted. In this blog, the interesting statements from chapter (20) through chapter (38) of Cook's novel will be covered and quoted:

From Chapter (20):
" Practice what you preach, and remember thay preaching takes practice. "

From Chapter (21):
" Whether or not you are good at discipline, disciplin she is always good for you. "

From Chapter (22):
" Dying to dance is the only diet you need. "

From Chapter (23)
" Step up that pep and put some pep in that step."

From Chapter (24):
" If you give a woman a fish, she will eat some, but if you teach her to fish, she will open up a pet store."

From Chapter (25);
" When pretending to have people, one may talk in the third person. "

From Chapter (26):
" Dancers are the athletes of God, but is God the athlete of dancers. "

From Chapter (27):
" If fat can be your biggest fear, can fear also make you fat. "

From Chapter (28):
" Ask not what your professional dancer can do for you, ask what you can do for your professional dancer. "

From Chapter (29)
" I yam what I yam, and tha's all that I yam."

From Chapter )30):
" Learn to fail or fail to learn."

From Chapter (31):
" Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but we are never more beholden than to the person who enhances our beauty. "

From Chapter (32):
" To dance is to live, if you live through the dance."

From Chapter (33):
" Don't sweat the petty thing, and don't pet the sweaty thing."

From Chapter (34):
" At the end of the day, love is all that's real, and all that matters is that you really love. "

From Chapter (35)
" A spirited dance is fueled by your spirit. "

From Chapter (36):
" Once you get past the rocky parts, midlife really can rock. "

From Chapter (37):
" Success is getting what you want, but happiness is wanting what you get. "

From Chapter (38):
" You can spend all your time fishing, or you can put all into one big fish. "

Final Words:
I do hope that you have enjoy reading all the 38 interesting statements quoted in the last two blog just as much as I have. And I also do hope that you have learned something from all of them just as much as I have.



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