Monday, August 31, 2015

Dr. Fawaz Gerges of London University Is A Super Geopolitical Analyst.

By Sodium

I have followed the geopolitical analyses of Dr. Fawaz Gerges since he was teaching political sciences in a university college in the United States of America. And that was before the death of  Peter Jennings, a Canadian American, who was the anchor personality of Evening News of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). I have mentioned the late Peter Jennings because Dr. Fawaz Gerges was first interviewed by Peter on some issues related to, or political events happened in, the Middle East. In other words, it was then Peter Jennings who was the first journalist and  anchor man, of a major news network, who  discovered the remarkable political talents of Dr. Fawaz Gerges. I must say that I was impressed by Dr. Gerges' keen analysis and rationality of his comment. Since then I have followed his career, including reading every thing I could find that was written by him. His book about the greater radicalism of the third generation of terrorists is remarkably interesting, since no one else thought of such a group had existed then, except his political genius. And his political genius has appeared so vividly in the Syrian war four years ago when he said the war was going to be along one, while others expected the Asad regime to fall in a matter of weeks, including Tayib Rajab Ordogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, then.
He is no longer teaching in the U. S. A, but he is currently teaching International Diplomacy at University of London, and I believe  that, at the same time, he is also the Head of the Middle East Studies at the same university in which he teaches, in England..
In the last three years, I have enjoyed watching him being interviewed, so frequently, on the Internet, by BBC and Al-Jazeera, respectively.  As usual, I have found his analyses and comments, concerning the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen to be meticulously profound and his comments come from a person who really knows what he is talking about. Therefore, I highly recommend to watch and listen to Dr. Fawaz Gerges, whenever you can, and learn from him as much as I have.

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